Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recycle,Reuse Taking Apart a Quantum Pad

Have you ever saved old electronics and have taken them apart for a lesson that was unplanned? They don't even know that they are learning. 
One night Dman and Ducky decided they wanted to take apart the Quantum Pad, It wasn't working anymore and it would probably cost alot to get fixed, so we took it apart and they learned so much especially because this is my husband's profession(computers) so we could explain the parts as we took it apart. 

D Man holding the first piece.
The Circuit Board

D Man disconnecting the pieces from circuit board. 

The On button for Quantum Pad.

Disassembling the Sensor Board.

Ducky taking the Sensor Board. This is for all ages. 

They learned about magnetics too. All the screws were sticking to this piece. 

Learning happens the best when it's not planned. 

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Kelly Bejelly said...

What a cool, fun activity for your children! I'm addicted to those shows that tell the history of a food or product so this is right up my alley.