Monday, May 25, 2009

Galloping the Globe-Africa-Eygpt

Foods that they ate in Eygpt
Bobotie Peanut Bread

Dennis' name in hieroglyphics
We got a template from the computer and used a feathered pen with ink.

Dennis and all his pyramids, as you can see with wood blocks

Paper Pyramid and then taped.

Dennis and Haley making Peanut Bread for our co-op.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Caterpillars Again-Second round this season-5/7/09

All you need is a Milkweed

More Outdoor Fun-5/7/09

Neighbors Snake-Ball Python

A half alive Cat fish in our neighborhood, we put him back into the lake but he wasn't moving:( We will check tomorrow to see if he survived.

Snake Dissection-5/7/09

Our neighbor found this snake in the grass near our house. Dennis and Haley were so excited to play with this dead snake. We believe this is a corn snake.

Here is a picture of the corn snake. Top and Bottom.

Dennis getting to dissect the corn snake(AKA Rat snake). We used toothpicks to hold the snake down.

This a picture of the heart and lung.

This is the liver,stomach,gall blader,panceras, and small intestines.

Diagram of the snake's insides.
The children love doing this and I'm really blessed to have a husband to help.

Boredom Busters-5/7/09-Last Class

This has been a great class-Thanks Jackie!!!

This was our last class and it was show and tell. Preston and Colton brought Turtles. We made rockets out of film containers and Baking powder. And they shot right up into the air. So cool. They had a blast!!!

Rocking Making-5/6/09

We are finishing up with Orderliness with Konos. This week we are doing Rocks.

How they form, and how that happens. There is a order in how this is done.

Alot of rocks are formed by Volcanoes.A book that we are using is Rocks by DK. I bought this rock making kit at Micheals it was $8.99.

Contenders- too come.......

We are working on learning about tools and how they work.

We are also working on The Ten Commandments.


Haley is receiving her pins for Gardening and ABC's.

Haley has to learn how to take care of her garden by watering it.

Haley also learned how to plant seeds into the soil.

Haley learned her ABC's and all the sounds of them too. She then recited them in front of the other students.
I'm so proud of you !!!!!


Dennis receiving pins for books of the Bible and Gardening.

We have been working on these skills.

We planted cucumbers,tomatoes,green beans and

sunflowers. We also learned how to take care of the garden(by watering).

Dennis learned the Books of the Bible(Both New and Old Testament)

I'm proud of you Dennis, great job!!!

Galloping the Globe-5/5/09

This was our first day with a brand new co-op.

It's a Geography Unit Study.

We are studying Eygpt.

We read some books about Eygpt and then did notebooking.(Colored Eygpt on the map of Africa, drew Nile River on Africa, pasted pieces on flag for Eygpt, talked about the currentcy for Eygpt(pounds),wrote capital of Eygpt, religion and the language that they speak.)

To be continued next week with cooking and another craft on pyraminds.

Dennis First Fish Caught by Himself-5/3/09

Haley's 4th Birthday-5/2/09

Haley and her brother Dennis:)

Our Garden-3/28/09

Isn't she lovely:)

Fresh Gardenia from our backyard

Baby Grasshoper we caught at Grassy Waters, then we released them a couple hours later.

Aphids on our milkweeds, ladybugs love to eat aphids.

Valentine's Day Party-2/14/09

Showing our Love for others, like Jesus would.


How cute!!!