Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nature Study and Art

This was the third alliagator we saw this week. We were at the same preserve twice in the week. 

Ducky doing rubbings onto paper. She loves to do this.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shading Art Class!!!

Ducky is fully concentrating on her artwork, she is drawing a horse in a field. 

Ducky is shading in her picture, this was the theme for the day. 

Some more shading. 

Ducky putting her finishing touches on her drawing. 

I'm so proud of my Ducky:) She is very talented in this area. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uncooking Class- Taco Extreme-Yummy!!

Thank you to Rene that has done such a wonderful job with our children. 
We have had so much and are sad that she will be traveling with TLC Traveling Program for 6 months to bring Nutrition to your city. You can check it out here:
We are going to miss you Rene but looking forward when you come back:)

Here's Ducky adding the sprouted sunflowers to her bowl. 
I always thought is hard but I made this recipe last week and it was very easy. I think Rene makes it really easy. All her recipes are in her uncookbook at:

D Man putting in Nutritional Yeast. 
Nutritional Yeast has a cheesy taste and it smells good and tastes good. You can add it to many things including soups etc. 

What is it's value to our bodies:

It is a source of protein and vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins, and is a complete protein. It is also naturally low in fat and sodium and is free of sugardairy, and gluten. Sometimes nutritional yeast is fortified with Vitamin B12.

For more info:

Ducky putting in the Nutritional Yeast, leveling it out:)

D Man cutting a zucchini to put into the Taco Extreme. 

Here is the finished product. You can eat this with chips or tortilla. 

Well both of our children loved the Taco Extreme. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Eggs

I purchased these paper mache Easter eggs at Michael's. 

Here is Ducky painting her eggs. We painted completely first and then we decorated them. 

D Man painting his eggs. 

D Man's finished Easter Eggs:)
I put Mod Podge on them after they dried to make them a little glossy. 
 Ducky's finished Easter Eggs!!!

The one on the end has the Mod Podge that isn't dry yet. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nature Study at Local Nature Preserve

You can tell it's springtime here. All the baby animals are being born. How cool to see this!!!

First we saw a baby alligator, which was very close to us. 

D Man catching grasshopper, they have so much fun doing this. They never get sick of this. 

This is Yoga, Ducky named the grasshopper. 

I just thought this was a pretty flower. 

A Tree Frog, you have to look closely. 
It blends in. 

We were walking on the trail and saw another alligator which was very close again. This one is a juvenile alligator. 

This was our day of nature study, awesome day!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Costco 4X Pro-B Digestive Care Natural Probiotic #DigestiveCare #CBias

I have had the privilege to be taking the #4XPro-B that I purchased from 
Taking the #4XProbiotic has helped my #Digestive health fully. 4X Pro-B Natural Probiotic has helped my body to feel clean from the inside out. The 4X Pro-B #Probiotic has given me energy and has helped me to feel healthy. 

I had a pleasent experience shopping at
From finding the website to ordering my #Probiotic.  

Here are some things that I have put into practice to help aid the #Costco Probiotic that I got at

I have been Blessed to receive a Champion Juicer from a friend. So this was a prefect week to try it out. We are currently on the Daniel Fast and the juicing this week along with 4X Pro-B #Digestive Care fruits and veggies was perfect for my digestive health. 

Below is our Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice along with 4X Pro-B for a healthy stomach. 

We made bean burgers, made with beans,corn,carrots,peppers,potoes, and spices. Beans are high in fiber along with the 4X Pro-B Natural Probiotic helps to have a healthy digestive system. Cleansing your intestines. 

We used Coconut Oil to cook our Bean Burgers. Coconut Oil is one of the only oil that can be heated at a high tempeture. The 4X Pro-B Probiotic aid in helping the bad bacteria to be gone. 

Here we are making Orange Juice, great for your immune system.  The 4X Pro-B Digestive Care has helped me to feel wonderful from the inside out. Also having a healthy gut helps to stay healthy which why I love taking the 4X Pro-B Natural Probiotic. 

Ducky with fresh orange juice from our juicer. 

D Man drinking orange juice from our juicer. 

I'm thankful for this oppurtunity to have purchased the 4X Pro-B Natural Probiotic and have felt like it was well worth it. It has helped to aid in my digestive system and given me energy. Also 4X Pro-B has been a wonderful product for my body. 

My Google Plus Story:

Costco Facebook:

“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. All opinions are my own:)

Contenders-Friends-Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that mentors students in
the business of creating trademarked fashion accessories — our patented button bracelets— that are used as fundraisers to help cancer patients in desperate financial need. Since our beginning in January 2009, thousands of people volunteered to help us – over 750 registered to be regular volunteers who’ve accumulated over 11,000 hours of community service.
All of our products are given as gifts for donations to our cause. Funds raised pay living expenses for qualifying cancer patients who have to choose to pay for an urgent living expense over treatment.

Thank you Suzy for all your hard work. 

These are some of the bracelets that are made by volunteers.

Ducky sorting the buttons, both of our children loved this job. 

D Man sorting buttons. 

We had to find matches, here are some we did. 

Now these are difficult to sort but they managed. 

They have an aisle of just buttons that are sorted called Benjamin Buttons. 

D Man down Benjamin Button Blvd. 

Ducky is about to make her bracelet. 

 This was the first Hugs and Kisses bracelet made by the owners daughter. 
To read more about the story please go here:

D Man and the finished product. They were so proud of themselves. 

 Ducky with her bracelet.

You can donate buttons to Hugs and Kisses
or you simply donate your time or resources. 

We went here for Contenders because we(the boys) as Contenders of the Faith need to help others and they are our friends to, even tough we don't know them. We are hear to help.

Some of the other things we are doing is praying for our friends, memorizing scripture, sending gifts to our friends. 

I am a friend of God!!!!!

Local Beach Club

We take care of a 91 year old couple. We had to take them to a function at a Beach Club. So the kids and I went over to the beach while they were at there function. Little did we know it was cold. I happened to have some clothes that I was going to bring to Goodwill in my trunk. So I pulled out whatever I knew would fit or not. It was so funny as you can see but they were warm. Ducky wasn't feeling well that day so I needed to keep her warm. So the children played on the beach for a little while but then it started to rain. The rest of the night we hung out at the club. 

 D Man relaxing on the lounge chair. 

It was a beautiful view that night even with the rain. 

Ducky lounging on the chair. 

An ominous picture of the pool and ocean. Crazy!!

Ducky being sassy, even when she didn't feel good. 

After all of that we had a great time:)

We tried to enjoy the view even with the circumstances!!!!

Enjoy Life!!!