Thursday, February 23, 2012

DMan's Injury:(

 DMan was on P Bars this evening and dislocated this shoulder. Thank God he didn't break anything. 
D Man had a meet this weekend in Tampa, one of our favorites. He has to stay off of it for 7 to 10 days. Please pray for healing:) We are still heading to Tampa but for some R&R. Looking forward to States next month in Tallahassee. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Homeschool Uncooking Class 2nd Class

This month we made Banana Crunchy Treat. 
Very yummy and very healthy for you. Thank you Rene for teaching our 
children a healthier way of living. 

D Man helping to set up, he is putting the recipe under the mats for the class. 

Ducky helping out to, she is putting the bowls out for the class. 

These are all the ingredients for the Banana Crunchy Treat. 

Rene taught us to put all the dry ingredients in one bowl first so the wet won't stick to the dry. 
First was the carob powder, this is what Ducky is putting in her bowl. 

These are buckwheat groats, crunchy. Rene soaked them only for 15 minutes. Yum. 

D Man is putting in the Rolled Oats. 

Ducky is putting in the rolled oats. 

These are the sunflower seeds that were soaked for 8 hours. 

Then came the raisins. 

Now it's time for the wet ingredients. Rene cutting the bananas in half, full of potassium. 

Ducky mashing the banana. 

Mashed Banana.

Both Dry and Wet Ingredients. 

D Man helping his sister with the mashing of the banana. Great helping hands. 

This is the coconut nectar, its pretty thick but better for you than agave. 

D Man getting his coconut nectar. 

Next came the Raw Almond Butter. 

Now take your two bowls and mix them together. 
I love D Man's expression. 

Ducky stirring her Banana Crunchy Treat. 

You can make balls or cookies out of this mixture, We all tried it and it was delicious. 

D Man's cookie:)

It wouldn't be fun without a mess,right?

Ducky's tiny little cookie, she likes everything tiny. 

Ducky eating her cookie. 

D Man really enjoying his treat,lol. 

This whole post is great for you and your body, so eat on!!!!!

Please check out Rene's website@ 

She has a whole cookbook on raw foods. 
Also this summer she will be traveling around the US teaching adults and students how to live a healthy lifestyle through Raw Foods, thats awesome. 

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Thank you for looking at my blog:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Thank you to Xia-Xia for letting us review the Xia-Xia Hermit Crab plus the collective shell. 


Introducing: Xia-xia Pets Hermit Crab Figure Tobago

Name: Trinidad
Characteristics: dazzling, wonderful orange and yellow swirled shell
Age: four and up
Included: one hermit crab with its shell and a little buddy
Description: Tobago is the brave adventurer of the group, always seeking new adventures. The wonderful grand-crab of the infamous explorer, Cornell Xia, Tobago spends his days making an attempt to discover the depths of the Isle of Crabi. Soon after obtaining the &ldquoLong Lost Treasure of Breezy Bay,&rdquo his most recent challenge is fixing the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. You will not see this crab sitting nonetheless; decided and persistent, Tobago will see his missions through.

Manufacturer Description

Welcome to a spot where each day is Carnival with XiaXia (pronounced ShaSha) new colorful, collectible hermit crabs. From a distant island, these crazy crustaceans dwell to dance and play simply because each day is a celebration with XiaXia! Begin the parade by pressing XiaXias claw and watch it do its wacky wander. Four loveable characters, each and every with their own tiny buddy, compose the XiaXia crew and accumulate them all!Meet Tobago with his roughandtumble blue exterior and happy grin, Tobago is often dancing to the XiaXia samba!LR44/AG13 batteries are necessary (involved).

My Review:
My daughter loves cute tiny toys. She loves these adorable hermit crabs. She loves using her imagination to play with these cute hermit crabs. Each Xia-Xia Hermit Crab has a removable shell with a tiny friend inside. The Xia-Xia Hermit Crab walks on the floor. The batteries are included. Each shell is a collective shell.  The Hermit Crab is durable and fun to play with. The hermit crab moves and when it hits a wall it will turn around by itself, thats a cool and fun feature. The cute collective are fun to put in the shell and its fun to change out the shell with different shells.

Ducky putting the tiny toys inside the shell. 

Ducky turning the Xia-Xia hermit crab on.

Ducky spinning the Xia-Xia Hermit Crab around to get it started. 

Please check out all there products at:
your children will love these adorable Xia-Xia hermit crab toys. 

LegoLand Florida 2012

We had the opportunity to go to Lego land for a special price so here we are. 

Ducky inside the Lego Man.

D Man inside the Lego Man

Ducky on the Carousel Ride. 

The fire truck ride, you had to shoot water at the fire to put the fire out. 

Lego alligator, pretty cool, This is D Man's favorite animal other than snakes.

D Man and Ducky standing in front a Clown made out of Lego, amazing detail. 

D Man and Ducky in front of the Knights Lego.

This ride took you around on the horses on a track. 

Fire Power 

D Man with Stormer. 

D Man with Max

Ducky in the front entrance. 

D Man with R2D2 Lego.

Ducky with Darth Vader. 

Lego People with our children. 

D Man with King Tut Lego.

D Man with Washington Monument Lego. This was D Man's favorite part of Lego Land. Alot of detail in this section. 

White House Lego with Soldiers marching in front. 

D Man in front of the Statue of Liberty. 

Eiffel Tower Lego.

D Man on Boat Ride. 

Octopus Lego Display. 

There was incredible detail that Lego Land, our children had a great time:)