Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beach Day!!

Last week we took a beach day. It was so much fun. 
Here is a man o war we found. I love going to the beach, we always find something which is great with doing Apologia Swimming Creatures this year. So here is our day!!

Ducky reflecting the beauty that God has created:)

D Man and his friend several shark teeth, so cool. 

This is our little crab we found. 

Here is our little friend again. D Man tried to pick him up and he pinched him, I felt so bad. This was a lesson to be learned. We just studied crabs so it was great to find and observe this crab. 

It was low tide this day so Ducky was having so fun surfing. She even told me she wants to learn how to surf, gymnastics comes in handy for this one-Balance. 

Going out to catch some waves, Ducky is so brave. 

That's all I have please come back soon for more of our adventures:)

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MamaMunky said...

Great pics! In the second crab picture, it totally looks like he's smiling for the camera.

(Also, I don't know if it just my computer, but the images are sort of cut off halfway. I saw them completely in google reader, but when I came here to comment, it looks like they are cut off by the sidebar.)

Lindsey from