Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art by Myself

Katy No-Pocket

Katy Kangaroo doesn't have a pocket to carry her baby, she is on a quest to find out how she can get one. Katy finds a pocket in the city and you will have to see how.

The Voice of Psalms

The Voice of Psalms
Thomas Nelson

The Voice of Psalms has a reading plan for those seeking the Eternal One with Praise and those seeking help from the True God. The Voice of Psalms uses the words the Eternal One instead of God which makes you aware that God is Our Eternal One, that we need to look to heaven in all things. The Voice of Psalms gives you the Song of David first and then you read the Psalm and then it gives you a commentary on the Psalm. I like this because it explains the Psalms even more for you to understand. The text from this book is from the Ecclesia Bible Society.The Voice of Psalms has reading plan for advent and for lent. The Psalms are very inspring book of the Bible. David had been through so much but he choose to go to the Eternal One for help. He knew he had to lean on God's help. This helps me with my faith and to know I also can lean on God for his help and he is there to listen.

I have been reading The Voice of Psalms to our children every morning. I have our son narrate back to me what we read. Here is what he said about one of the Psalms.( He understands that Satan is trying to trap us and there is no one else to help us but God, he is the only one that can save us,7years old). He understand The Voice of Psalms and is able to tell me what I have read. That says alot about the book itself.

We have an amazing God on our side.

Psalms 23

The Eternal One is my shepherd,He cares for me always.
He provides me rest in rich,green fields beside streams of refreshing water.
He soothes my fears:
He makes me whole again,steering me off worn,hard path to roads where truth and righteousness echo His name.
Even in the unending shadows of death's darkness, I am not overcome by fear.
Because You are with me in those dark moments,near with Your protection and guidance, Iam comforted.
You spread out a table before me,provisions in the midst of attack from my enemies:
You care for all my needs,anointing my head with smoothing,fragrant oil, filling my cup again and again with Your grace.
Certainly Your faithful protection and loving provision will pursue me where I go,always,everywhere.
I will always be with the Etenal One, in Your house forever.

The Eternal One refreshes us even when we are in the midst of trouble. Remember to stay focus on Who the Eternal One is and that cares and loves you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Butterfly World

We had a field trip with our homeschool group to Butterfly World, We had a great time. Thank You Beth.
D with the butterflies
H with the Butterflies

Life Cycle of the Butterfly

Hortense Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Thoas Swallowtail Butterfly


Our children got to touch caterpillar. There are some caterpillars that are poisonous.

This is only a few of what God has created

It amazing to me the detail in every butterfly and
the process of a butterfly emerging. Wow, God, you are AMAZING!!

These are cock roaches, even God has a purpose for these, Yuck!


We are studying flowers for the next 2 weeks.
We went to Butterfly World and we took pictures of God's creation.

Passiflora(Passion Vine)
These are the butterflies that are attracted to this flower:
Zebra Longwing,Julia, and Gulf Fritillary.

Red Rose
It's amazing the beauty in God's creation and how he gave us this to look at and enjoy.
Thank You God:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day at the Park

Daddy and D

D playing Tennis

Flower Dissection-3-21-10

Our Flower
Male and Female Parts

All Parts to a Flower:
Petals,Corolla(All flower parts), stigma(sticky head),
Style(top of a long tube),Carpel(female part),Stamen(Little
stalks),Filament(each stamen has a pole),Anther(enlarged part
covered with pollen).

Bethsaida: Blind No More-Lesson 7

Bethsaida, The name of the town we are visting means "house of fish".
Up above we made 3 puzzles representing the town of Bethsaida.

Our group met at the park and we read the Bible story and then we
made cards for someone special showing others that Jesus cares for all.

Bible Story:Mark 8:22-26

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:19

Friday, March 19, 2010

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Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Day!!!!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

We talked about the 3 leaf clover and how the first leaf
respresents the Father(God),second leaf represents the Son
(Jesus) and the third leaf represents the Holy Spirit.
The light represents our light shining for Jesus.
The crafts came from
We hope you had a blessed day:)


Bean Soup with Matzos in it.

Our Bean Seed

We did a experiment: We put one bean seed in the refrigerator, one in our front window with the most light, and one in a dark closet. Can you guess which one grew faster? The one in the dark closet. Amazing how God created the growth of a plant.

The Testa is the bean's covering which falls off.

Miss Rumphius

Alice Rumphius wanted to travel the world when she grew up, and then to live by the sea-just as her grandfather had done. But there is one more thing, he tells her:she must do something to make the world more beautiful. Young Alice does not yet know what that will be: Until she discovers that the Lupine flower, helps to make the world a better place because it looks so beautiful.
This book is recommend on

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Homeschool Hop #6

Theme For The Week: 10 Random Questions
Time for a bit of fun this week. Just copy the 10 questions below and enter your answers after each one of them for this week's blog hop.

I can't wait to see all of your answers.

1. What time is it right now?


2. What are you wearing?

Shorts and Long Sleeve Shirt

3. What is your mood?

Very Tired

4. What is one thing your children learned today?

Who St. Patrick Was

5. What did you (or are having) for dinner?

Corned Beef and Cabbage

6. What's one book you are currently reading?

Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit

7. What behaviour (in people) is the most common but also the rudest?

Saying one thing and doing another

8. What can you see out of your nearest window right now?


9. What are you currently praying for?

Our homeschool group

10. What is your favourite hot beverage?

Hot Chocolate

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Monday, March 8, 2010


D made it to Regional's in Tennessee in April