Thursday, June 28, 2012


Thank you to Biokleen for letting us review the Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner. 

Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner eliminates build-up while effectively cleaning and deodorizing any water-safe surface. Use regularly to prevent build-up on your tub and tile, toilets, countertops, sinks, floors, shower curtains and more.

• Cleans and deodorizes

• Contains extracts of lavender and lime

• Great for homes with children and pets

• No artificial color, fragrance or preservatives

My Review:

Let me start by saying I'm very impressed with
Biokleen and the bathroom cleaner. As soon as I got 
Biokleen I went straight to my bathroom to start 
cleaning it. I cleaned my toilet first and our toilet was 
so clean and the bathroom smelled so good without 
all of the chemicals. Then I cleaned by sinks and they
were sparkling from Biokleen. Lastly I cleaned our
and it was amazing. I have a big tub so it's hard to
clean and stay clean. 

This is our tub before I cleaned it with Biokleen. As you can see our tub was dirty but biokleen did the job very well. 

Our tub was so clean, it felt clean to the touch. Biokleen did a great job and I would definitely love to try some of there products. 

One of the many things I love about Biokleen is that is Super Concentrated which means you are using less and better for the environment. 

Biokleen manufactures natural, non-toxic cleaning 
products for your home or business. Formulated with
exceptional quality and value that will provide you 
with great results while not causing any negative
effects to you or the environment. Biokleen products 
are biodegradable with no harsh fumes and is gentle 
enough for sensitive skin.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Discovering Great Artists-CM Russell

Discovering Great Artists: Hands-on Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters
Here is a little about CM Russell:
Charles Marion Russell (1864-1926) was many things: consummate Westerner, historian, advocate of the Northern Plains Indians, cowboy, outdoorsman, writer, philosopher, environmentalist, conservationist, and not least, artist. Born in St. Louis, Russell dreamed of being a cowboy, living the exciting life of men on the range. Russell came to the Judith Basin of Montana in 1880 a few days after his 16th birthday. Working briefly tending sheep, he realized that his dreams of the West were not to be fulfilled in this manner. He soon teamed up with a local hunter, Jake Hoover, with whom he spent two years sharing a cabin on the South Fork of the Judith River. Shortly thereafter, Russell became a night wrangler for the Judith Basin Roundup.
This was exactly what Russell the child had dreamed of, and what Russell the adult wanted and needed. It gave him time to observe the cowboys at work during the day, and to sketch and document all the activities and excitement of the cow camp. He continued to work as a cowboy and wrangler for 11 years before retiring to become a full-time artist.

Two weeks ago a friend of mine and I started a Art Co-op for the summer. This week we studied CM Russell and then watch the sunset on the Internet because that's what CM Russell was famous for in his paintings also for the Wild West. 

D Man starts off by painting his background. It's amazing how both of our children did different sun sets. 

Ducky painting her beautiful back ground. 

Then they cut out pieces for a silhouette. 
Thinking Ducky:)

Ducky finished Art work. 
We also put the scripture on our art.

Ephesians 4:26-27
In your anger do not sin”[a]Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold.

D Man's finished Art Work

In your anger do not sin”[a]Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold.

Great verse for this painting. Thank You Suzy:)

Who is your favorite artist and Why?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Healthy and Delicious Guacamole Salad

Delicious Guacamole salad
Green Onion
Tortilla Chips
Hand Made Guacamole

Whole Made Guacamole Recipe:
Red Onion
Olive Oil

Mix Lettuce Mixture,Tortilla Chips with Guacamole and Serve. The Dressing is the Guacamole. Very good and tasty. 

What is your favorite recipe?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tiger Face

My husband let Ducky Face Paint his face. Ducky did an amazing job.

Look at the end result. 

Daddy and Ducky, Cute!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well I choose this for Wordless Wednesday because I thought what a life that this cat has. So funny!!!! Sometimes I wish I could lay around all day, I can't so back to laundry:)

When do you take time to relax?

Face Painting

Summer Fun Face Painting.

Ducky is painting her friends face. Face Painting is a form of Art so that's what Ducky likes to do. I bought the kit at Micheal's and Ducky and her friend wanted to set up a shop and have a face painting business. Wait until you see what Ducky did to her daddy's face, that will be in a different post.

Ducky's face finished.
She painted her own face.

Ducky added more to her face after the fact.

Ducky and her friend finished product, How cute. They did a great job all by themselves. Building Independence.

Do you children like to Face Paint or Have they tried it,well why not this summer if they haven't?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Key Chain Nation

This is Key Chain Nation.
D Man and Ducky came up with idea themselves and named there business. 
They draw the countries flags on paper and then laminate them and then attach a paper clip to the end. They are raising money for Hugs and Kisses which an organization that helps cancer patients with expenses. 

Once they raise money then they will donate the money to the organization. 

Columbian Flag, in honor of DMan's coach. 

American representing our country!!! Proud. 

Mali's Africa Flag

How do you help out in your community?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Neon Art Part 2

Ducky's Neon Art
Below is her Symmetry with Nean Colors
In there the free time at Art class they do some stretching. Ducky drew a portrait of herself.

This is the Fish Bowl Neon Color Art Work. They cut out different shapes and glued them around there fish bowl and they glues all the other piece too.

Ducky's Goldfish  Matisse!!! Great job Ducky.

These are all close up of her artwork.

Matisse "Goldfish"

Neon Symmetry Design

Self Portrait

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Better to Give Than to Receive

We went to the zoo last week and we went to one of there shows. 
After the show they asked if we would help fund some of there exhibits. 
I always take opportunities to serve in our community.  D Man and Ducky enjoyed donating to the zoo through the bird in the picture. The bird would take the money and put it in the box, Pretty Cool. 

Giving back is such a blessing. 

How do you give back? 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bobbie Pin Hair Accessary

Ducky's at it again, she loves to come up new ideas. 
All you need for this :
1 Bobbie Pin

Cut Ribbon and then tie Ribbon to Bobbie Pin. So easy. 

Ducky also made one that was a bow and then attached it to the Bobbie pin. 

What crafts have you done lately that you would like to share?


God's Amazing Creatures!!!

What is your favorite animal? 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Science Fun

Last week we went to our local Science Museum. 
At the Museum the exhibit was Bugs. 

Here is Ducky in front of the Butterfly which was bigger than her. 

This was D Man's favorite of this exhibit, the bug robots. 

Huge Praying Mantis, I never liked this animal, it's so freaky looking. 

I have to this museum many times and have never seen this Logic Tree. Our Children liked this and so did I. I want to incorporate more logic games into our homeschool schedule.  

Ducky with the Rub-A-Bug. 

DMan and Ducky doing Rub-A-Bug. 

What science fun are you doing?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day we had our friends from over for some pool fun and we had lunch and dinner together. Our children love the pool, we are surely going to utilize it. Here in Florida it is very hot already so we will be visiting the pool at least once a week. And we plan on some beach fun too. 

Ducky styling:)

D Man didn't want me to take his picture so he is like hurry up. 

D Man does gymnastics so why not practice in the pool. He's about to do this back flip, the problem was that my camera was to slow for me to get him in the air,Ugh. 

D Man and His Daddy!!

How about handstands in the pool. Easy,Huh!

Well after many attempts I got a picture of DMan in the air. 

Great Times, What are your plans for the summer?