Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day Crafts

This past weekend we went to a Earth Day Celebration at our local state park. They had several booth's set up with things to buy and do. 

Below is our Pine cone Bird.

Pine cone
Googly Eyes
Feathers which you can get outside in nature
Beak made out of foam which you can use scraps of paper or card stock

Ducky did an awesome job with her Pine cone Bird. 

D Man made this Shell wind chime.

Items used:

String or Rope
Shells, Sand Dollar
Sturdy Stick from outside

This one came out so cute!!! 

Recycled Cereal Box Houses our children made one day. 

Cereal Box
Recycled Foam

And the famous Bird Feeder.

Items Used:

Pine cone
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed


Mama to 4 said...

great crafts, where did you guys go, wish we knew about it maybe would have joined you!

amy2blessings said...

Thanks Nicole, you were away last weekend or I would have invited you guys:)

kewkew said...

I agree. Definitely great ideas. I love the pinecone bird. It has been a while since we made the pinecone bird feeders. Should do those again. Thanks for sharing

Mellissa Hanks said...

Wonderful ideas I have been looking for Earth Day crafts

Mommy and Me Giveaways said...

I love the mobile!!!

Erika said...

Wonderful ideas! I love the pinecones!

Just Short said...

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!