Sunday, April 29, 2012

Champion for Kids Odwalla Campaign #OdwallaCFK #CBias

We are so thankful to have had this opportunity to serve in our community. Thank you Holly for taking us around to tour the house and shelter. 
Our Simple Service Project was to deliver sports equipment to

A Faith-Based State-Licensed Child Welfare Organization. 

As I took a picture of this sign that read HOPE I thought and got to see that HOPE that is delivered everyday to children that are hurting in many ways. The welfare organization we picked helps children to feel loved,natured,to give hope and care. Our children loved giving the children the sports equipment that they picked out because they understand how blessed we really are.

You can see our Google Plus Story of our shopping experience. 

The heart of a Christian is to serve,serve,serve!!!

These are all of our children that were there and there donations to 

A Faith-Based State-Licensed Child Welfare Organization

for our SIMPLE Service Project.
Thank you to each and everyone of you that helped make this possible. You made a Child's day with your donation. 

As you can see we got a many different items to give for our Game Day Challenge.
Basketball,Soccer Ball,Football,Tennis Balls,Skateboard,Tennis Racket,Bubble Wand,Bike Helmets. 
All I can say is that I'm very thankful for the hearts of our friend's.

D Man handing over the Tennis Racket to one of the children from the Hope House. 

As you will see there are all ages in these homes. 

Our friend's child handing over this donation to another boy that lives in the shelter that this organization. 

This was so cute, This boy below loved this skateboard and he wanted to go play. We know that all of our donations will go to a good use. I'm so proud of our students and moms:)

What was nice about this SIMPLE Service Project was that we got to tour the house were these children live. This was great for the children and moms because we got to see how these children get to live. In this home there were 6-8 boys in this house and the house parents. These children are less fortunate than our children but going into this home helped us all to realize how much love and HOPE is being poured out to each and every one of them. I'm very Thankful for this organization. 
Below are some of the boys checking out two of the boys room. 

They try to make this like home so they have a lot of the same stuff you probably have in your home. 
Below is the house that 6-8 boys live in.  Now we are heading to the Shelter. 

Our Boys heading over to the Shelter. The Shelter is a ALL Boys Shelter that houses 6-10 boys. Most of these boys are coming from rough situations. But there is a HOPE in this shelter. Thank God!!!!

It was nice for the boys and girls to see the shelter, it helped them to get a better understanding of what goes on at this shelter. 

Isaiah 1:17

Learn to do right; seek justice. 
    Defend the oppressed.[a] 
Take up the cause of the fatherless; 
    plead the case of the widow.

Well after all that walking around for the Simple Service Project they were hot and thirsty. 
After dropping over our sports equipment and having our tour we headed to the park for some Odwalla Juice. I purchased 3 favors to try:

Mango Protein
Mixed Berry Shuffle Smoothie Refresher
Citrus C

The children like All of them.

So I took a survey for which one they loved and they loved the 

Mixed Berry Shuffle Smoothie Refresher

But there wasn't one they didn't like. As a matter of fact that wanted more of the 

    • #OdwallaCFK.

Even the Moms loved Odwalla Juices. 

Yummy in our tummies:)

Well a day of serving and giving and living. Isn't it our duty to take care of the younger if we are older. Isn't it our job to help the hurting. Well that's what we did with this Simple Service Project. We had a great time and we learned alot along the way. 

It's more of a Blessing to give than to receive!!! That's what I HOPE that all of you got from this day. Thank you again to ALL my friends and there children. Thank you also to Holly at the 

A Faith-Based State-Licensed Child Welfare Organization.

From our home to yours: Blessings!!!

Here we All are Serving out in our community. 
Champion For Kids

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Octopus and Squid Craft

This year we are studying Apologia Swimming Creatures.
This week we were studying Octopus,Squid,Cuttlefish and Nautilus.
Below is our Octopus Craft which I got from :

We used paper bags instead of felt and we painted them. That's what D Man is doing below.  I also had them paint the egg carton for the Octopus' face and googly eyes. They used pony beads for the tentacles.

We then had to let it all dry before putting it together which we left over night.

The drying Tentacles.

D Man with drawing of an octopus and then I had them write about Octopus'.

Here is the finished product

The underside of the Octopus

Ducky's drawing of an Octopus.

This is our Squid Craft that I got from:

First you have to paint the toilet paper tube the color of a squid.

Then you curl the bottom of the toilet paper tube with a pencil or crayon.

Ducky is curling her Squid's bottom.

Put on your googly eyes and tentacles. And you have your finished product.

These came out so cute.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fish Craft

My friend Nicole and I made this Fish Craft one day. This craft came from a Craft book that Nicole had, I can't remember the name of it. They came out so cute!!

We studied Fishes a few weeks ago. We are Apologia Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day. 

 Ducky's Fish. 

D Man's Fish. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recycle,Reuse Taking Apart a Quantum Pad

Have you ever saved old electronics and have taken them apart for a lesson that was unplanned? They don't even know that they are learning. 
One night Dman and Ducky decided they wanted to take apart the Quantum Pad, It wasn't working anymore and it would probably cost alot to get fixed, so we took it apart and they learned so much especially because this is my husband's profession(computers) so we could explain the parts as we took it apart. 

D Man holding the first piece.
The Circuit Board

D Man disconnecting the pieces from circuit board. 

The On button for Quantum Pad.

Disassembling the Sensor Board.

Ducky taking the Sensor Board. This is for all ages. 

They learned about magnetics too. All the screws were sticking to this piece. 

Learning happens the best when it's not planned. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day Crafts

This past weekend we went to a Earth Day Celebration at our local state park. They had several booth's set up with things to buy and do. 

Below is our Pine cone Bird.

Pine cone
Googly Eyes
Feathers which you can get outside in nature
Beak made out of foam which you can use scraps of paper or card stock

Ducky did an awesome job with her Pine cone Bird. 

D Man made this Shell wind chime.

Items used:

String or Rope
Shells, Sand Dollar
Sturdy Stick from outside

This one came out so cute!!! 

Recycled Cereal Box Houses our children made one day. 

Cereal Box
Recycled Foam

And the famous Bird Feeder.

Items Used:

Pine cone
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heaven is For Real for Kids EBook Review

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for letting us review the ebook Heaven is for Real for Kids. 

Heaven is for real, and you are going to like it!
Colton Burpo came back from his trip to heaven with a very important message: Jesus really, really loves children. In effort to reach even more families with this eternally significant story, this runaway bestseller is now told from Colton—kid to kids! Children will receive the same comfort and assurance that so many adults have received from the trade book.
Beautifully illustrated, under Colton's direction, this book is uniquely written from a child for a child. Colton tells of his experiences in first person and comments on things that will be important to kids. A letter to parents is included to guide them in talking to their children about heaven. Scripture along with Q&A section with answers from the Bible are also included in the book.

My Review:
Heaven is for Real for Kids is a beautiful illustration of what is like in heaven and what Colton saw when he was there. This is a true story of a boy that dies and literally goes to heaven. He describes in detail his journey to heaven. We won't know until we get there but Heaven is for Real for Kids  definitely provokes questions about Heaven and what it might look like when we get there.

I have read the adult book and I couldn't put it down, this is why I wanted to review this book.
 I already knew the story line and wanted to share it with our children in a manner that they would understand. 

My children really enjoyed this book. They were fascinated by the angels and God. Although many questions go unanswered this book definitely provokes conversation which is why I love Heaven is For Real.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Champion for Kids Odwalla Campaign #OdwallaCFK #CBias

Serving is the Heart of a Christian. This is why I choose to participate in the Odwalla Champion for Kids #Odwalla Juice and Smoothie drinks. We went to Walmart to purchase the Odwalla Juice and Smoothie drinks. This was my first time purchasing Odwalla Juice and Smoothie drinks. It was very easy to find. I was able to go right to where the Odwalla Juice drinks were. Along the way I had to purchase a few items which you can see in my Google Plus Story

This is the front entrance of Walmart

I love this sign because this is what I love when I shop at Walmart, Low Prices. 

The aisle where I found the Odwalla Juice and Smoothie drinks was on the juice aisle. 

 #Champion for Kids works to mobilize MILLIONS of people by providing training and resources to improve the lives of children in communities across America and beyond.

  This Odwalla was in the cooler. Our Walmart  had three flavors. 

Here are the three flavors:
Mango Protein
Mixed Berry Shuffle Smoothie Refresher
Citrus C

In our trunk of our car here is the Odwalla. 

We plan on having a party at the park with our friends. I have asked all of our friends to donate a new or gently used sports equipment to a local welfare organization. We are all going to drive together over to the local child welfare organization and deliver the sports equipment. Also when we are at the park I'm going to have samples of the #OdwallaCFK Juice and Smoothie for the child and the adults to try. 

Our #SIMPLE Service Project is to go to 

A Faith-Based State-Licensed Child Welfare Organization

to deliver sports equipment to children. 

I feel like this charity is very important to me because we will be helping our children in the community. We are able to help the hurt and the needy. We can help change the future of these children by helping them. 

We have been involved in several  service projects:
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bread Outreach 
Thanksgiving Meals Big Heart Brigade

We have purchased a Tennis Racket and Tennis Balls for #Game Day Challenge to donate to our local welfare organization.  

Our cart with the Odwalla Juice and Smoothie and our other items. 

Serving is an awesome feeling and it's what we are called to do, that's why this is a wonderful campaign for my children and I. 

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I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social insights study for Collective Bias. # CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.