Monday, February 18, 2013


First I had them make :
The White House out of craft sticks which I got the craft idea from Craft stick White House

DMan made a face of George Washington which I got from DLTK. Our children are never to old for easy crafts. 

Ducky did the same craft but I like how face is very different from his. 

How was your day today and how did you celebrate our Presidents Day? 


Our children one sunday came up with this. I always amazes me how creative children are. They were using trash bags to have sack races. Why not, right? 

What have your children come up with that was creative,without you saying a word? 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Although our children at 10 and 7 that do love to play in the sensory box the younger really enjoy spending time playing in the sensory box. I have found that my friend's younger children come over and I have something for them to do. 

This is a small way we can give back with providing a fun activity for younger children even tough we don't have younger children. My friend has twins so we needed something for them to do otherwise they would get into mischief. I'm always willing to help my friend's out. My friend is here by herself with four children because your husband works oversees so we try to have them over for dinner every few weeks. 

The twins had a blast playing in the sensory box and I'm thankful I had something to occupy them:) Be a blessing to others and your will extremely blessed!!!! It's the little things that counts. 

Have a blessed day!!!


Another simple recipe to make with your family and if you have children they can make this themselves. 

Ingredients needed:
1 can of tomato sauce
1 bag of Pita's 
Any spice your desire. 

First you layer the pita with tomato sauce and then put your spices on at the same time. 

Then you need to put on your cheese ( we have also used spinach leaves which is yummy). Finally put your pita pizza into the oven until cheese is melted. They are so yummy. 

 Have a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We went to our local state park for some rest. It was beautiful that day. The waves were crashing and the sun was beaming. Our son and my husband had fun skipping rocks and seeing how many times they would skip. It's a joy to spend time with my family. 

At this state park there is a long boardwalk and then a nice sandy trail. The picture below is on the nature trail. My family are being monkeys. 

Ducky and DMan found these branches on the nature trail and they were using them as brooms to swept the trail. I thought this was very creative. 

Ducky found this amazing shell that was formed into a heart. I just love hearts and Ducky knows it. She gave it to me, I was so happy. 

God's beautiful ocean!!! with our beautiful daughter that God created with his very hands:)

Another thing this state park has is mangrove trees and there we found tons of crabs scurrying around on the ground and the trees. Its an amazing site. 

This picture was taken over looking the brackish water and the boardwalk the goes over to the beach. 

The day would not be complete without catching lizards. 

Another beautiful day spent in God's creation. 
Have a blessed day!!!