Sunday, April 29, 2012

Octopus and Squid Craft

This year we are studying Apologia Swimming Creatures.
This week we were studying Octopus,Squid,Cuttlefish and Nautilus.
Below is our Octopus Craft which I got from :

We used paper bags instead of felt and we painted them. That's what D Man is doing below.  I also had them paint the egg carton for the Octopus' face and googly eyes. They used pony beads for the tentacles.

We then had to let it all dry before putting it together which we left over night.

The drying Tentacles.

D Man with drawing of an octopus and then I had them write about Octopus'.

Here is the finished product

The underside of the Octopus

Ducky's drawing of an Octopus.

This is our Squid Craft that I got from:

First you have to paint the toilet paper tube the color of a squid.

Then you curl the bottom of the toilet paper tube with a pencil or crayon.

Ducky is curling her Squid's bottom.

Put on your googly eyes and tentacles. And you have your finished product.

These came out so cute.

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