Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday!!! Crafts and More:)

Today we were at our friends house doing crafts on The Passion of Jesus. 
The day of my friend going over the story of the resurrection and it's history. Then she had them write out why they Jesus died for us.  Then we constructed our crosses with Jesus on it. Then we made the crown of thorns and lastly we had a play about the Passion of Christ. My friend is very crafty and always has great ideas. She and I love the unit study approach which is what she did with The Passion of Christ. None of these are my own but I love them all.

Ducky is constructing Jesus out of dowels. 

Ducky constructing Jesus. 

We had each children decorate there crosses. 

D Man colored cross. 

D Man cross with Jesus on it. 

D Man finished cross. 

Ducky drew a picture of Jesus on the cross and wrote Why Jesus died for us? 

D Man's picture.

D Man with the crown of thorns. 
Items needed to make:
Styrofoam Ring from Micheal's or any craft store.
Streamers you use for parties
Pipe Cleaners

Wrap Styrofoam ring with streamers and then put the pipe cleaners in and around the ring. 

Ducky with Crown of Thorns. 

We were at our other's friend's house this week and we had these stained glass crosses with crayons pieces and wax paper. They came out beautiful. Thank You Kelly. 

We also made this Easter Wreath for our front door. It came out Great. We got this from 

Our children loved the string painting that was fun. 

Happy Good Friday!!!
We Love Jesus:)
We are thankful for what he did for us!!!!


Kelley @ Kelley's Passion for Nutrition said...

Oh, so cute! These look like super fun and easy! I am sharing and Pinning!

amy2blessings said...

Thanks Kelley, We had a great time today and this week:)

royalegacy said...

These are great projects. Thanks for sharing them. Pinned to save.

Debbie McConnell said...

Adorable crafts!! Your children look like they enjoyed themselves!!