Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Haley's "B" Book

Haley's "B" Book. B is for Butterfly!!! That we love so much. We have had three sets of them emerge in our yard. All materials from our favorite website:http://lapbooklessons.ning.com/AlphaBugs

Enjoy:) May you be blessed by this video as I'm blessed everyday by our children.

Haley's A Book

This is Haley's "A" Book for Ant. Materials I got on http://lapbooklessons.ning.com/AlphaBugs

Haley is learning her ABC's and learning Bugs too thanks to this website:)

Nile River Video

We are reading the Story of the World,Volume 1: Ancient Times (Chapter 2), and we were talking about the Nile River, and the Nile Delta. The book we used for our project is: I have to get name off of the library website and the site is down, will update.Enjoy:)

4th of July Lapbook

All materials were taken from http://lapbooklessons.ning.com/.
We had so much fun doing this lapbook.
On the Cover is a Star that Dennis cut out.
Top Left is Psalm 119:45,flag and footsteps how God carrys us, and our soldiers.
Bottom Left is Declaration of Independence ,and a flag with saying wave the flag.
Middle 50 stars for 50 states,Leviticus 25:10, Map of USA(colored our state ,and surronding states). and Pledge of Allegiance.
Right Side: Map with God Bless America, and 13 Stripes on the American Flag.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

AAU Nationals Championship Gymnastics 6/30/08

Haley and Mommy @ the Gymnastics Meet!!!
Dennis is a National Champion on Vault, and 4th in nation all around:)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Palm Beach Zoo

Look how big Dennis has gotten, this day we were at the zoo doing a co-op on Alligators. We made a mini lapbook on alligators, and talked about them ,and there body parts, how they breath ,and much more.I'm sure you get the point.

Deer chewing on the wire of the fence. I just realized we didn't get a picture of the alligators,probably because we got alot at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine last month.

Fathers Day-Daddy with all his children

Fathers Day at our house with our children:)

Haley 6/8/08-Butterfly caughting with Daddy

Haley making silly faces at Daddy. He takes ALOT of pictures!

May Gymnastics Meet

Dennis receiving his award, and trophy. His total score was 52.9, Dennis you have amazing strength and we are very proud of you.Love you lotsxox.
This is Dennis' part of his floor routine, this is called Candlestick. Awesome job!

Dennis is hanging upside down,9 months ago he would not do this. We are so proud of you Dennis!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daniel Lapbook

Dennis doing copywork for the Daniel Lapbook.What a great boy!
Dennis gluing the name tags for Belshazzar,Darius, and Nebuchadnezzar!

Haley enjoyed painting the lions for the Daniel Lapbook. Isn't she so cute:)
This lapbook pictures, and ideas I got from www.Littleblots.com