Monday, February 22, 2010

Botany-Seeds-Lesson 2

Germination Animation Book

This is a book we got off of enchantedlearning of a

Cat's Cradle-Stingray

D loves doing this with Daddy.
This is a stingray.

WOW-5 foot Green Water Snake

Green Water Snake in our neighborhood.

Food Study-Apples

Narration time


H drew her pictures and wrote out each phylum
Nonvascular Plants-Phylum Bryophyta

Seedless Vascular Plants-Phylum Pterophyta

Gymnosperms-Phylum Coniferophyta

Angiosperms-Phylum Anthophyta

Galilee:Storm Rocks Boat-Lesson 6

Salt Dough with Foam Boats

Bible story: Mark 4:35-41
Memory Verse: Philippians 4:6
We meet at our local park and there is a boat there
so we had the children sit in the boat and we rocked
it back and forth to represent the storm in this story.
Then we made salt dough and placed it on cardboard which
represented the waves and then we placed a foam boat on top
of the waves.

D and H decorating there boat

Our Boat!!!


In Japan they eat alot of fish. Our Fish.
Our Paper Japanse Doll

Chopped green onions and mushrooms

Chicken in the Frying Pan

Our Recipe: Chicken and Egg Domburi

Egg with the green onions and mushrooms

Viola!!!! Finished :)

D enjoying his meal with chop sticks

Craft Day with Friends

Log Cabin made out of popcicle sticks and contruction paper

Flags made from popcicle sticks for President's Day

Monday, February 15, 2010


D and DH assembling the light hut.

D glueing the inside of the light hut.

Mixing water into the soil for our herbs.

Dirty Hands

More Dirty Hands

D planting herb seeds

H planting herb seeds

Herbs that we planted (Basil and Lavender)

Herbs in our Light Hut

Our herbs all tucked in.

Valentine's Day

H and her pink Bear named Pinkie.
D and his monkey


D observing Moss with a Magifier
Nonvascular Plants
D observing Moss under a
Nonvascular Plants
H observing Moss under a microscope
Nonvascular Plants

Chinese New Year @ Society of the 4 Arts

We went to storytime this week and we ate
egg rolls and rice. Also they gave out this craft
so we brought it home and did it.
D and H loved glueing the pieces on the dragon.

It fits perfectly with our Geography study because we are studying

Haley's Math

I started to teach H Math U See, She is learning
how many are on each block. Also place value.
I love this game, H loves it too.
She counts the items on the card and matches
them to the number.
Master Pieces Game, Learning Games,Counting