Sunday, May 29, 2011

FPEA 2011 Convention

Orlando, Florida
Gaylord Palms Resort

Ducky and DMan exploring the resort

The Gaylord Palms has a small alligator farm

Inside the Atrium

Alligator feeding

Alligator feeding

 DMan and Ducky loved the putt-putt course

Finishing one of the holes

Sporting their championship pose

DMan looks a little small next to this guy

Ducky coming out of the pool

Fun Spot in Orlando
All the kids trying to figure out where to go

Ducky had a blast driving her own car

DMan was a crazy boy on the bumper cars

High up on the Fun Slide

DMan hittin' the bump

Ducky and her buddy on space crafts

DMan posin' for the camera

DMan and his buddies on the surfing ride

My friend Fritz with the kids (dude you gotta hold on!)

Ducky with her balloon flower

Orlando Science Center
DMan and his buddy waiting for the CinoDome movie

Ducky hard at work at the orange grove

DMan building withstand an earthquake

Ducky on another slide

Ducky digging for fossils

Dinosaur at the Orlando Science Center

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Girl!!!!

Happy 6th Birthday!!!!
We Love You!!!

Priceless, I guess he enjoys his cake,lol

"Family Love"

Aunt Betsi and Ducky

Gee-Gee and Ducky

Grandma and Ducky

Grandpa and Ducky

We had a party for Ducky this weekend, and these are some of her treasured moments. She enjoyed swimming in the pool with all her friends and family. Today is her Birthday and she has a fever and a cough, we are praying she will feel better tomorrow, so we can head to ToysRus or Build a Bear to spend her gift cards.

Animal Habitats- Welcome to the Forest!!!

Deciduous Forest

Autumn Leaf Rubbings

Paper-Chain Wooly Bear Caterpillar

Paper-Plate Raccoon Mask

Egg-Carton Eastern Red Bat

Coniferous Forest
Cereal-Box Moose Mask

Paper-Triangle Pine Trees

Bald Eagle Fan
Temperate Rain Forest

Folded-Paper Giant Sequoia

Sliding Banana Slug

Tropical Rain Forest

Brown-Bag Kinkajou

Foil Blue Morpho Butterfly

Animal Habitats-Welcome to the Desert!!!

The Chihuahua Desert

Egg Carton Rattlesnake

Hairpin Stink Beetle's

The Great Basin Desert

Fingerprint Pickleweed

Paper-Plate Bighorn Sheep

This book is great,
Our son and daughter work together to complete each craft together, I try to build indepence and unity  in our children.