Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weedon Island Preserve

Weeden Island Preserve
At the front entrance of the preserve. 

They have a awesome indoor nature center that explained the history of Weeden Island Preserve. It's so nice trying new things and stumbling upon awesome places.

D Man looking at plankton. 


Ducky in an Oyster Rock. 

D Man doing this experiment with the balls and a vacuum.
Read below. 

This section was how the people back then lived. 
Below is the food they caught,picked etc. 

Food they ate. 

They used big tree branched to make canoes but first they had to burn the inside out. 

Timeline of History

D Man and Daddy have constructed a clay pot, in those days it was alot more work for the people that lived on Weeden Island. 

Ducky decided she wanted to construct the clay pot too, she did it all by herself. 

Ducky's finished the pot. She was very proud of herself and so were we. 

D Man with the map of Tampa Bay.

Ducky with some of the animals that lived in the preserve. 

They had nature trails, this was in front of one of them. We were trying to get to the Look Out Tower. 

DMan,Daddy and Ducky.

Look Out Tower

D Man and Ducky feeling success as they got to the top of the look out tower. 

Thankful for a wonderful time at Weeden Island Preserve. I love being out in nature exploring new things and thankful we made the time to check out a new nature preserve. 

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