Monday, March 19, 2012

Local Beach Club

We take care of a 91 year old couple. We had to take them to a function at a Beach Club. So the kids and I went over to the beach while they were at there function. Little did we know it was cold. I happened to have some clothes that I was going to bring to Goodwill in my trunk. So I pulled out whatever I knew would fit or not. It was so funny as you can see but they were warm. Ducky wasn't feeling well that day so I needed to keep her warm. So the children played on the beach for a little while but then it started to rain. The rest of the night we hung out at the club. 

 D Man relaxing on the lounge chair. 

It was a beautiful view that night even with the rain. 

Ducky lounging on the chair. 

An ominous picture of the pool and ocean. Crazy!!

Ducky being sassy, even when she didn't feel good. 

After all of that we had a great time:)

We tried to enjoy the view even with the circumstances!!!!

Enjoy Life!!!

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