Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

We didn't compete but we get to see D Man's and Ducky's favorite dolphin "Winter" from Dolphin Tale. 
This is the front entrance. 

This is "Winter"

Winter the dolphin with No tail.

Winters old tail. 

This was really cool, this one Stingray keep coming up to our children. The staff told us his name is Where's Waldo because he hids in the sand from people but he was very social that day with our children. The children named him "Teddy" because he was soft. 

D Man in front of the X-ray of Winter's tail. 

This whole section was dead sea creatures that you could touch and hold. 
D Man with Whelk casing. 

Ducky with a sponge. 

Ducky with a starfish that was not alive. It's not on her mouth, Nicole,lol.

D Man holding a shark jaw. 

Ducky holding  a Horseshoe Crab-not alive. 

Ducky holding a underside of a horseshoe crab. 

D Man and Daddy being silly. 
D Man is getting eaten by a shark. 

This was a prop that was in the movie "Dolphin Tale".  This scene was made just for the movie. 

D Man and Daddy can't take a break from gymnastics. 

Another Prop, this was the place where they had there slumber party. 

The Van in which they rescued "Winter".

Ducky with Dolphin and Turtle Display. 

I'm so thankful we home school and get to do all this fun stuff. 
This field trip was to go along with our Apologia Swimming Sea Creatures of the Fifth Day. 
Just another day of Sea Creature Fun!!!!

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