Thursday, February 16, 2012

LegoLand Florida 2012

We had the opportunity to go to Lego land for a special price so here we are. 

Ducky inside the Lego Man.

D Man inside the Lego Man

Ducky on the Carousel Ride. 

The fire truck ride, you had to shoot water at the fire to put the fire out. 

Lego alligator, pretty cool, This is D Man's favorite animal other than snakes.

D Man and Ducky standing in front a Clown made out of Lego, amazing detail. 

D Man and Ducky in front of the Knights Lego.

This ride took you around on the horses on a track. 

Fire Power 

D Man with Stormer. 

D Man with Max

Ducky in the front entrance. 

D Man with R2D2 Lego.

Ducky with Darth Vader. 

Lego People with our children. 

D Man with King Tut Lego.

D Man with Washington Monument Lego. This was D Man's favorite part of Lego Land. Alot of detail in this section. 

White House Lego with Soldiers marching in front. 

D Man in front of the Statue of Liberty. 

Eiffel Tower Lego.

D Man on Boat Ride. 

Octopus Lego Display. 

There was incredible detail that Lego Land, our children had a great time:)

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