Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ft. Lauderdale Museum

We had a great time at the Ft. Lauderdale.
They have a indoor boat ride which was pretty cool. This is the entrance to the ride.

D Man in front of some info about the Everglades. 

How your weight compares to the diet of a prehistoric animal. 

Ducky on the scale. 

They had a new exhibit there with the air boat section, prehistoric animals, and live otters. 

Ducky inside the shark mouth.

D Man in the sharks mouth.

Ducky in front of the tiger. 

Ducky in front of the Mammoth. 

Ducky in a compost pile. Gross

There was a tank and there was a man there that was talking to the kids about starfish and horseshoe crab. 

Ducky on the human hurricane. 

I don't know it is with our children but they love anything to do with hurricane's. I guess they don't remember the real ones.

D Man on the human hurricane, you pull your arms in and out to feel more or less force. 

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