Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homeschool UnCooking Class

At our local Nutrition Store, they had a Homeschool UnCooking Class =RAW
Thank you to Rene for teaching our children about health. 
Our children enjoyed the class very much.
We can't wait for the next class this month:)

Ducky is here making zucchini pasta with a veggie peeler.

D Man using the mandolin with Rene.

Ducky using the madolion with Rene.

Pasta is made from zucchini, very easy and fast.

D Man and Ducky also made cheesy sauce to go with the zucchini pasta. 
Here he is enjoying his meal with a Popcorn Chip. 

D Man trying the cheesy pasta. 

Our nutrition store has samples throughout the store, D Man and Ducky loved the Red Oranges. I have never seen them before. 

Ducky with Red Orange Peel.

If you eat Raw you can purchase Rene's UnCooking book at 

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