Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Trip to The Orlando Science Center

What's Nice about this museum is that they change out there displays often. 
An experiment on electricity, pretty cool.

They go into a tube to feel the effects of a hurricane. 

How much do you weigh in space?

They have a room you can go into to do different science experiments.
This one D Man is looking at tiny plant creatures.

This one was about magnetics.

This one was what happens when you mix vinegar with ammonia then water and so on.

Playing with Bubbles with Recycled materials.

You can use paper towel rolls, old cans, pipe cleaners.

A Big Dinosaur Bone.

This is Ducky's favorite digging for dinosaur bones.

Ducky with the big dinosaur bone.

Ducky with Triceratops.

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