Monday, July 29, 2013


This is the American Victory which is located in Tampa, Fl. 
I like to go to these museums because they teach our children and ourselves about our history. We have also been to the USS Alabama.  To learn more about The 

D Man and Ducky inside the front of the American Victory. 

This is a map of there voyage. 

DMan I don't think you can lift that,lol. This was a massive anchor. 

Ducky sitting where they sat to fight for our freedom. 

DMan ringing the bell, During the war they rang for each hour, to keep track of time. 

This was inside the engine room. 

DMan loves the guns, of course this was our children's favorite. Being able to touch is part of learning and they don't realize they are learning, I love that. 

Thank you to all of you out there that are fighting for our freedom. 
May God keep you safe and May his protection be upon you and your families. 


Meg WW said...

What a fun learning experience!

Romina said...

My son would LOVE this. The nearest ship to us is about 2 hours away. I'm sure it's worth a drive, but I don't know if they actually allow visitors on. This looks like a lot of fun. Hands on learning is the best.

Kristyn said...

this would be a great place to take the kiddos to learn. We stayed on a naval station last year and it was full of cool ships that we got to look at.

Kristin Wheeler said...

Cool museum! Great for hands on learning with the kiddos!