Friday, July 5, 2013


We were in Tampa for the day and decided to check out The Florida Aquarium. I was very happy with this aquarium. 

They had lots to explore. The Wetlands Trail had many animals from the wetlands such as turtle's, fish, and snakes. They had a program that was very educational about an owl,hawk and alligator. 

Ducky is standing in front of an aquarium with fresh water fish from Florida. 

The Burmese Python's are invading our everglades and killing some of our species that are native to Florida. One of our sons favorites!!!

They had a panoramic view tank that had sharks,turtles and fish in it. They had a program that they had divers in the aquarium with the sharks and fish. 

I thought this fish was very interesting, its a bat fish. I have never seen one of these fish. Amazing, it doesn't even look like a fish. 

These pictures were taken in front of the shark tank. 

This sting ray would come right up to the tank and say hello:)

They had a sting ray touch tank that you could touch the sting rays. This was our children's favorite part. They love touching these gentle creatures. 

They had a No Bone Touch Tank which had star fish, sea anemones and sea cucumbers that they could touch. 

They had a whole area of Ocean commotion. This area was filled with all kinds of fish,octopus,seahorses and much more. This was end of our adventure at The Florida Aquarium. A delightful day of learning. I love these opportunities to learn and have fun with each other. I was excited to get science in for the day:)


Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

Oh wow that looks like a lovely aquarium - I've not been to one in years, but I really should as they are so interesting :) x

Debbie McConnell said...

We need to get to the Aquarium this summer too! Looks like you and the family had a blast.

Just Short said...

This looks like a great aquarium. Love the touch tank :)

Karla said...

I LOVE aquariums! This looks like a really nice one. The ability to touch the rays is really nice.