Sunday, April 24, 2011

USS Battleship Alabama

Our Tour of the Battleship Memorial Park
in Mobile, Alabama
 B-26 Liberator

Battleship USS Alabama
The ship was commissioned 16 August 1942, and is 680 feet in length, with a beam (width) of 108 feet 2 inches. She is registered as 35,000 tons (70 million pounds), but under battle conditions, she weighed in at well over 45,000 tons (90 million pounds).  Her assigned crew was 127 officers and 2,205 enlisted, but she normally had a crew of 2,500 men aboard.  She earned 9 Battle Stars, and shot down 22 enemy airplanes during World War II.

Ship's propeller 
 Side view USS Alabama
 Mommy, D Man and Ducky about to board ship
 Ducky manning one of the many 50 calibre guns.
 Three of the nine large turrets
 Large turret shell (D Man couldn't believe it was bigger than him)
 Daddy, D Man and Ducky firing more 50 caliber guns.
 Map of the USS Alabama's service
 Ducky on one of the bigger guns
 Informational plaques on board
 D Man in front of the big guns
 Captain D Man
 Captain Ducky
 D Man checking out the living conditions for the crew
 D Man and Ducky preparing to fire the big guns
 D Man climbing to the upper decks
 D Man just couldn't resist a hand stand on deck
 D Man and Ducky trying to pull up the anchor
Six big guns at the front of the ship
 D Man on his hands again at the front of the ship
 Side cutaway of the interior of the USS Alabama
 Another side view
 D Man in front of one of the helicopters on display
 D Man with a replica of the H.L. Hunley (a submarine of the Confederate States of America that played a small part in the American Civil War, but a large role in the history of naval warfare).

Submarine USS Drum
She was commissioned 1 November 1941. The ship is 311 feet 8 inches long with a beam (width) of 27 feet 4 inches and displaced 1,526 tons.  Her crew was 7 officers and 65 enlisted men.  She earned 12 Battle Stars during World War II.  She was dedicated to the park on July 4, 1969.

 D Man and Ducky on the back of the sub
 The USS Drum's kill record
 Mommy, Ducky and D Man walking through the sub
 Ducky steering one of the rudders
 D Man and Mommy in the engine room
 Looking toward the front of the USS Drum
 Model of the USS Drum
 War memorial
Sailor D Man 
F-4 used at the entance of the park


NC Sue said...

I've been on a battleship (in North Carolina) once - I'd be claustrophobic for sure! Have to admire the guys who are able to live and work in that environment!

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Michelle said...

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A Helicopter Mom said...

I've been on the same one as NCSue, I think, lol. It looks like fun in pictures, but I agree that it's tight quarters down there.

Great photos!

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Elle Belles Bows said...

What a fun outing!

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amy2blessings said...

NC Sue,
I didn't know there was a battleship in NC. One day hope to get there.

Kerri @ Elle Bows,
It was a great outing, we had fun.