Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thomas Nelson Publishers-How to Be God's Little Princess Review

How to Be God's Little Princess 
By: Sheila Walsh

Royal Tips for manners, etiquette, and true beauty

ISBN: 978-1-4003-1644-1

Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishers to letting us review this product.


How to Dress Like a Princess
How to Wear a Tiara ( and other princess necessities)
How a Princess Perfects Her Poise
How to Be Friends Princess Style
How to Dine with Royal Success
How to Sparkle Like a Princess
How to Have a Rockin Royal Party
How to Be Media Wise
How to Be a Perfectly Polite Princess
How to Be a Princess at Home
How a Princess Sports a Good Attitude
How a Princess Knows She Needs an Inner Beauty Makeover

Song of Solomon 6:10

Who is that young woman?
She shines out like the dawn.
She's as pretty as the moon.
She's as bright as the sun...

Sheila Walsh explains how we as parents we need to be our girls royal advisors in training our girls to act like real princess'. It is a our responsibility to train our girls to act like God would them to act like a real princess. 

How to Dress Like a Princess

This is the section in the book.  
This chapter is very important because the way our girls dress is a reflection of us. 
It's very important for our girls to know how to dress and what is a appropriate to wear.

Isaiah 61:10
The Lord makes me very happy. 
All that I am I am rejoices in my God. 
The Lord has covered me with clothes of salvation.
He has covered me with a coat of goodness.

In every section they have a QUIZ and sometimes two. 
They have several questions with multiple answers to choose from.

In this section Shelia Walsh is teaching our girls how to match, color coordinating, mix and match, what shoes to wear and to BE MODEST. 

Step back and look at yourself to see if you are well coordinated and have honored God with your chooses. 

There is a Tye-Dyed Shirt craft in this section.
How to make a Tye-Dyed shirts and what materials are needed. 

Design your own jewelry.
How to make Bangle bracelets, paper beads, and book bag charms.

There is also a community project that you can do with your church or with other princess'

This has a shell necklace craft also. 

Psalm 69:34
Heaven and earth should praise him. 
The seas and everything in them should also.

I love that God is ALL over this book. I have meet Sheila Walsh at Women of Faith and her love for God evident. I have almost all of her books and our daughter brings them to me often, this adds to our collection.
I will definitely be using this our 6 year old daughter. I know it's my responsibility to train up our girl to be God's Little Princess.

Thank you again to Thomas Nelson Publishers for letting us review this wonderful book.

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