Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morning Nature Study and Evening Nature Study

I think this is some kind of lichen, we have to look it up.

This old tree has been used by a woodpecker. Later you will see that Ducky drew a picture of the tree with a woodpecker.

Grasshopper, Ducky holding the grasshopper.

Beauty Berry

The berries on this tree can be used for:
and I'm sure for other things.

Caterpillar on a caution sign. Not sure what kind either, need to look it up.

We saw a turtle in the water also.

This bird was so funny it was posing for me.

Flower with a bee drinking the nectar.
You never know what you will see on any given day.

Ducky's tree with a woodpecker drawing

Ducky's turtle drawing

D Man's drawing of the woodpecker.

Last night we went out to look at the moon, that we couldn't get a good picture of it.
We saw this spider right outside our house. Not sure what kind it is, if you know please let me know. Even through I'm very afraid of spiders they are so fascinating. Did you know that the Female spider eats the Male when they mate? Interesting.


Mama to 4 said...


amy2blessings said...

I have a copy for you, D Man wanted me to print them for his friends.

jellybelly said...

Lovely photos! My toddler is afraid of spiders though. My fault for singing incy wincy spider to her :) Visiting from Friday Bloghop!

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