Thursday, August 25, 2011

Morning Nature Study

Hurricane Irene is churning out there but here in Florida we are feeling the affects. The wind and rain. We are praying for  all of the East Coast for safety and protection from Our Almighty Father.
I captured this picture outside our home.

My husband was leaving in the morning and saw these cute baby ducks. We went outside to get a peek. We decided to feed them. The babies stay right next to her mommy, it reminds me how we need to stay close to our Heavenly Father.

D Man loving the wind.

Ducky feeding the ducks, so cute.

D Man and Ducky feeding the ducks.
I love these opportunities and it reminds why nature is so important to all of us. Breathing the fresh air, looking at whats around us and feeling the wind on our faces.  


Joy @ Artful Homemaking said...

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I hope you stay safe during the storm!


lisaplus6 said...

beautiful post! i often feel like a mama duck with my little ones following behind! i love your words at the end... so true! thanks for sharing!