Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation Bible School

D Man and Ducky went to VBS last week, they had a blast. The theme for the week was all about Joseph.
Day 1- Bible story: Joseph interprets dreams in prison, Bible Point: God Gives Us Hope (Genesis 40:1-123)
D Man and Ducky made head bands and a breastplate is on Ducky.
Day 2: Bible Story: Pharaoh puts Joseph in charge(Genesis 41:1-40),Bible Point: God Gives Us Special Abilities.
D Man with a scroll with his name in hieroglyphs and God in hieroglyphs.

Day 3: Bible Story: Joseph leads Egypt through famine. (Genesis 41:41-42:5),Bible Point: God Gives Us Wisdom.
Ducky with her headband with her name in hieroglyphs and a necklace with her name in hieroglyphs.

Day 4: Bible Story: Joseph forgives his brothers.(Genesis 42:6-45:15), Bible Point: God Gives Us Forgiveness.

Here are some of the crafts they made:
The popschile sticks are pyramids, a mummy's coffin, and D Man made a Jesus' eye out of yarn and popscicle sticks.

Ducky's mask.

Ducky's coloring pages.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Visiting from Friday Follow. We did the Egypt theme at VBS this week, too. It was fantastic!

Asashia said...

Visiting from Friday follow (though a little late!) I can't wait til my little guy is old enough for VBS!