Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amazing Grass Review

Amazing Grass has several powered drinks: Here they are:

Kidz Superfood, Wild Berry Flavor, made with 32 fruits and vegetables,supports a strong immune system and is packed with 3 servings of fruits of vegetables.

Kidz Superfood,Chocolate Flavor, made with organic green foods, 33 fruits and vegetables you get from a multi vitamin, some of them are: apricots,carrots,mangos,raspberries,cranberries,red cabbage and much more.

Green SuperFood, Berry Flavor, supports body alkalinity, boosts energy and immune system,gluten free,soy free and vegan.

Green SuperFood, Made with Organic green foods, provided energy and amazing health.

Green SuperFood, Chocolate Flavor, 5 to 9 daily serving of fruits and vegetables.

All of the Greens Superfood Drink Powder, is complete with pre and probotics and digestive enzymes to ensure rapid nutrient absorption and healthy digestion.

Wheat Grass powder has many benefits some of them are: beta-carotene, calcium,chlorophyll,fiber,iron and vitamin K. Its a great source of vitamin C and portein, and many other benefits.

All of Amazing Grass' drinks and be mixed with Milk(rice milk,almond, hemp or regular milk) or any juice.

Healthy Nutritional Bars:

Organic Green SuperFood energy Bar(Flavors Chocolate and Original)
Delicious whole food nutrition for Amazing Energy.

Amazing Meal, Chocolate Infusion, here are some of the benefits of the drink:
High Protein,Greens, Fruits and Vegetables, Organic, raw, cold processed,vegan,non GMO, Gluten Free,Soy Free, and Dairy Free.
I like this product a lot so I went out and bought some. Thank you Amazing Grass for letting me try this product. I would have never known if I liked it if you didn't let me review it.

We all are looking to feel better and this is a Amazing product to start with. I hope you enjoy your shake because I did:)

Check out Amazing Grass at:

D Man drinking the Amazing Grass all natural chocolate drink powder for children, pour this into your milk(we use almond milk) and you have a delicious nutritional drink. You can drink this at anytime of the day, and feel good about it. Amazing Grass has 33 fruits and vegetables in there drink This product supports a healthy immune system. You will feel good giving this to your children anytime,anywhere.

Ducky drinking her Amazing Grass Super Food for children,the sugar in this drink is only 1g for 1 packet. You can add this powder to milk or juice. This product is packed wonderful fruits and veggies for your children.

D Man and Haley drinking there Amazing Grass for breakfast.

Ducky eating Amazing Grass Super food Chocolate Energy Bar for Children.

D Man trying one of the Amazing Grass Superfood Bars for children.

Amazing Grass Meal

"Chocolate Infusion"

A satisfying blend of protein and super foods.

Packed with Vitamins for your body to soak up. Here I am pouring Chocolate Infusion(with Almond Milk) into our Magic Bullet to blend for a healthy dinner. This is the easiest meal I ever made. And might I add that is was very tasty,delicious shake. I would definitely like to try this again. I usually have a shake in the morning but this was very filling for dinner.

Here I am drinking this delicious shake, thank you for letting me review this product.

Amazing Meal has greens,protein, fruits and vegetables.

Amazing Meal is Organic,Raw,Gluten Free,Vegan,Soy Free and Dairy Free.

Amazing Meal can be drank in the morning to jump start your day or when you are feeling hungry.

This delicious shake can be mixed with Juice or Milk. We used Almond Milk for ours.My husband drinking his Amazing Meal(Pomegranate Mango Infusion).

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