Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Farm Tour

Thank you Nicole @ for setting up our tour to the Farm.
D Man and Ducky's thank you cards for our Farm Tour.
D Man petting the goat, his name is Jumpy, he jumps over everything.

Ducky petting the goat.

D Man and Ducky watching Jumpy jump.


We saw a pig in his pigpen.

D Man petting a chicken.

Ducky petting a chicken.

Ducky in front of the cow. It was really hot that day and there were gnats everywhere.

After the tour of the farm we went into this old house and we had a storytime and music, which was awesome. Then they got to play with old fashion toys and that was end of the tour.


Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

I love all the wonderful art work=0) The green looks gorgeous=0)


stash mama said...

Hello! I am now following you! I would looove a follow back ;) Check me out here:
Stash Mama

@Home-Mom said...

we are homeschooling and just decorated with the kids art, I love that something is on the walls and that they are proud to show it off.

came from homegrownfamilies ;)
its friday i'm hopping check it out!