Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tennessee Aquarium

Entering into Tennessee

Dennis and Haley petting a turtle in the front of the Aquarium.

Biggest Turtle Shell, A Sturgeon and a Leafy Sea Dragon.

See How Seahorses Sees, they see things really close.

Picture of mountains with Dennis and Haley in front of them, It looks real but its not.

My children and I

I'm going over flowers with Dennis, always ask questions.

A waterfall at the Aquarium. Really Cool picture.


Baby Alligator, Dennis loves these reptiles.

Another one of Dennis' favorites, A Rattlesnake, of course it's not real.

Dennis with the stingray.

Dennis and Haley in front of a waterfall. It's not real either.

Dennis touching a stingray.

Dennis touching a Owl Butterfly.


Haley showing Dennis the penguins, Haley is so happy, she loves penguins:)

Haley and the penguins.

Dennis and Haley in the Shark Cage.


Beautiful Picture!!!!!

Moon Jellyfish

Daddy,Dennis and Haley just chillin!!!!!

Haley jumping on the rocks outside of the Aquarium.

Dennis running down the hills outside the aquarium.

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