Tuesday, August 20, 2013


What is so awesome about where we live is that we have a lot of opportunities for learning. Our local art museum had free admission for the summer. And even better they had a Lego Exhibit for the summer. Its hard to believe they can construct these buildings out of Lego's alone. Its fascinating. Hope you enjoy the Lego Art Tour. 

Burji Khalifa in Dubai

St. Mary Axe 

Ducky being Vania White,lol Another picture of the Burji Khalifa in Dubai, This was our children's favorite. 

One thing our children really loved was that they got to build there own building with there imagination. DMan did an amazing job with his structure. 

Ducky did a dainty cute building, I love to watch and see there creativity. 

Chrysler Building in New York. 
One World Trade Center in New York. 

Thank you for stopping by for the Art Museum Tour along with the Lego Exhibit. 

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