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What is Quinoa?
Quinoa [Chenopodium quinoa willd] has been enjoyed as an important food crop in the Andes for more than 6,000 years. More precious than gold, this powerhouse grain has now been rediscovered by the world marketplace because of its' delicious flavor and high nutritional value. Classified as a ‘super crop’ by the United Nations for its' high protein content, quinoa contains a balanced set of essential amino acids, making it an unusually complete food.
Quinoa has been selected by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as one of the crops that will play an important role in ensuring food security around the world in the 21st century. The National Academy of Sciences of the United States has rated quinoa as the most nourishing grain in the world.
Grown only in the Bolivian Andes, at an altitude of 13,000 feet, Royal Quinoa, which is the particular variety used in Andean Dream products, is the finest quality quinoa in the world. Royal Quinoa has larger seeds which contain more protein and amino acids than other varieties.
Quinoa Cookies
We’ve spun this healthy, golden grain into our Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies. The five flavors are all gluten free, and do not contain any dairy products, eggs, soy, corn or nuts. We have individually packed our cookies for you in a convenient single serving packet, fully recyclable. Perfect to grab for a quick snack, and for school lunches and backpacks!
Quinoa Pasta
Andean Dream Pasta contains 24 grams of protein and 21 amino acids in an 8 oz. box. Our pasta cooks to an excellent flavor and texture, never mushy. Especially easy to cook, it can be enjoyed year-round because it is versatile and light. Andean Dream Quinoa pasta is not only gluten free, but is also organic, and kosher. It is also completely corn and soy free.

My Review:

Thank You to Andean Dream for letting us review the pasta and cookies. 
We as a family have been trying to eat healthier and we are also trying to go gluten free. Andean Dream is one of our favorites. Since they have sent me there products, we have had to go back to the store for some more. Andean Dream in my opinion has the best gluten free pasta out there. When you cook the pasta it's the right consistency and taste delicious. The Quinoa Cookies are very good and healthy too. Andean Dream has several other favors in the cookies and they also offer soups too. 

Our Family does like to eat sweets but I know with Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies, I'm getting few ingredients and they are very good for my family. The Quinoa cookies are soft and delicious. I love that they are just the right size but still you get a little dessert. 

A healthy alternative snack!
Gluten Free • No Trans Fats • No Cholesterol

Product Information
Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies are made with organic Royal Quinoa, which is grown only in the Bolivian Andes, which produces the finest quality quinoa in the world. Quinoa is delicious and nutritious, rich in high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, and all eight amino acids essential for nutrition.

Our individually wrapped cookies come in five varieties . . . Orange Essence, Chocolate Chip, Cocoa-Orange, Raisins & Spice, Coconut, and our newest flavor, Coffee.

Andean Quinoa Cookies are individually packaged which is great for travel or just a day at the park

Well the biggest test is if our children like them and the answer is YES!!! 
Crumbs and All. I love to find new products that they love. 

The shells are a favorite at our house. Our children kept saying how they loved Andean Pasta and to buy nothing but this brand. 
Pasta nutritional information
We made the shells pasta with zucchini,squash and Parmesan cheese. 

We made Eggplant Parmesan with the Andean Dream Macaroni Pasta. 
Another YUMMY meal!!!

Pasta nutritional information

Thank you again to Andean Dream for the meals and dessert. 

Have a blessed day!!!!!


Sofia said...

One definitely does learn new things every day!! I've heard of Quinoa before (my MIL has Celiac, so she eats it often) but I didn't know they made pasta with it!! Now I am curious! I will try to add quinoa to my family's diet starting now (more like starting next time we go grocery shopping).

PS those cookies look so good!

From PDX with Love

Danielle Royalegacy said...

Even though I, or any in my family, has a problem with gluten, I have always wanted to try quinoa. This sounds like an excellent opportunity to try it. What I would really like is to get quinoa already milled into flour. I would like to add it to my bread.

Lisa Rapose said...

The best GF pasta...hands down. All of the pastas I've tried have a funny taste which lets you know with every bite that it's not "normal" pasta...even the ones I liked. Not Andean Dream.

My son (who absolutely hates all the pastas I've tried) LOVES this pasta...asks for it. You won't feel won't feel like you "have to get used to it"'s that good!

Delicious, organic, non-GMO, corn's just about perfect!

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

I love finding new healthy foods for my kids!

Melissa Pezza said...

That eggplant parm looks divine!!! I need to try these products! Thanks so much!

imak de castro said...

Looks goods, Kids will surely loved this..thanks for sharing...Make money on Twitter Followers

Mama Luvs Books said...

YUM! That looks delicious!!! And healthy!!!!