Saturday, June 9, 2012

Neon Art Part 2

Ducky's Neon Art
Below is her Symmetry with Nean Colors
In there the free time at Art class they do some stretching. Ducky drew a portrait of herself.

This is the Fish Bowl Neon Color Art Work. They cut out different shapes and glued them around there fish bowl and they glues all the other piece too.

Ducky's Goldfish  Matisse!!! Great job Ducky.

These are all close up of her artwork.

Matisse "Goldfish"

Neon Symmetry Design

Self Portrait


Trisha said...

Beautiful artwork! My favorite is the fishbowl, its amazing! She did a great job =)

Jennifer Clay said...

AWWW! I love her pictures!

Mellissa Hanks said...

Wow she is very good!

Kelly Bejelly said...

Your daughter is so talented! I'm sure you know it but save those :)

Renée said...

super cute! :)