Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Bean Seed

We did a experiment: We put one bean seed in the refrigerator, one in our front window with the most light, and one in a dark closet. Can you guess which one grew faster? The one in the dark closet. Amazing how God created the growth of a plant.

The Testa is the bean's covering which falls off.


Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Thank you for sharing!Did your little one participate too? I have this on my list to do but didnt know when they were ready for it.

amy2blessings said...

Yes, H did do it with us and she loved it. They loved checking it each morning to see how much it grew. I have a sheet that I put next to them all and we track progress. Its really neat, don't tell him which one will grow first.