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First Language Lesson has been the only grammar that I have used. I love the gentle approach. The Level 2 is all oral which I love. First Language Lessons reviews precious lessons throughout the whole book. Repetion is important when you are trying to learn. Level 2 has copy work, poem memorization, story narration, dictation and much more. My personal experience has been that First Language Lessons has taught our children so much. I wouldn't start grammar until I found something that was gentle with very little writing. Now our children can tell you several poems, narrate back to you what they have learned, tell you what a noun,verb,pronoun, preposition is and much more. Although this suggests that this book is for grade 2, we didn't start this book until 5th and 3rd grade. You can start it in 2nd grade but we have been taking our time on this subject. Below are some examples of our work throughout the year. Thank you to Peace Hill Press for letting us review such a wonderful product. 

Linking Verbs
This was one of the enrichment activity, love because its a hands on activity. The enrichment activity is after each lesson to enhance the lesson. 

A complete grammar text for young students, First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 2 uses dictation, narration, picture study, and other classical techniques to develop language ability. 
Originally published along with the first level of First Language Lessons as a single volume, Level 2 has been redesigned as a simple-to-use one-year program. 
First Language Lessons, Level 2 is an oral grammar program.

Poem Memorization 
The Year By: Sarah Colridge

Preposition List 
First Language Lessons 
Level 2
We have been learning this list for several months. It's so awesome that First Language Lesson will repeat for several lessons until well known. 

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