Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowman Craft

I saw this craft on Pinterest and loved it. I got this craft from Oopsey Daisy Blog
You take equals parts of glue and shaving cream and mixed together and then have your children paint it onto a piece a paper, when it dries it will be puffy like a big puff of snow. Very easy and fun as you will see in our children's eyes:)

Outline your snowman on paper with the shaving cream and glue and let dry. 

Most children love to be messy, they had a blast with this craft. 

Cut out your hat,eyes,mouth,buttons,nose and arms out of construction paper, you can make a scarf if you like. 

Here is your finished Snowman craft. You can read a book along with the craft or just do the craft for a day of fun. I love how it comes out puffy and looks like a snowman!! Living in Florida this is the closest we will get to a snowman this year!!!

Have a blessed day!!


Krystle Smith said...

They're snowen look great what a fun craft!

Mama to 4 said...

what a cute idea! My kids love to play with the shaving cream!

Melissa Tiffany said...

This is a great craft!! My kids hate shaving cream~ its a sensory thing. But, its been a few years since I've had them play with it so maybe its tine to try again.

TerinAleah said...

What a fun craft! My kids would love it!