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A Child's Geography--Book and CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-1-932786-32-3
Grade Level: 1-6 grades
Page Count: 243

Thus this project, a "living" geography primer for grammar age students, (gr.1/2--gr.6/7). “A Child's Geography: Exploring His Earth” is about getting to know what's under our feet, over our heads and in the world around us-the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere-and then how to get around this world-maps, latitude and longitude. Do you know how many gallons of water float in a cloud over our head-how far it is to the center of the Earth-what causes magnificent auroras, God's love lights-how God used the Flood to puzzle our planet into different shifting plates? Well, hop on board to experience Adventures for the Inquisitive Child-and every excursion glorifies our breathtaking Creator!

"A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth" is, in some ways, really like exploring and scouting out various routes before a grand trip! While scouting and surveying the grand scheme of things, the sciences of His Earth, our appetite is whetted for the real march out, the countries of this Earth. The anticipation builds as we learn about the workings and the ways of His Earth. Then, having gained our bearings in "Explore His Earth," future volumes of "A Child's Geography" will follow the same traditional path of our chronological study of history, trekking through the countries of our world today.

What you need to know:

  • This book is sure to delight ages 4 to 104, but is written primarily for grammar age explorers (gr. 1- gr.6) 
  • 243 pages packed with delightful information 
  • Print book + CD-ROM price $32.95 
  • ebook price (identical to print book w/CD) - $24.95 
  • CD-ROM includes reproducibles in the form of copywork passages, copywork templates, postcard templates, quizzes, world and continent maps, and more. 

A Child's Geography is an amazing study with God intertwined within it. This is one of the reason I LOVE this curriculum. I know when I'm reading this to our children I feel as if I'm really a geographer traveling through the atmosphere,troposphere, stratosphere or even the mesosphere. The author is very detailed in there description of our home the Earth.The first three chapters go into detail about His world, the lower and upper atmosphere. When finished reading a few pages you have Memory Joggers which show me if the child is listening and enhances there narration skills. I love this time to review what we just learned. At the end of each lesson they have three things you can complete:

1. Postcard Home- This is time when you print off from the CD rom which is located at the back of the book. The CD rom has copywork sheets and several other things you can use with this lesson. You will print the postcard on card stock for a sturdy postcard. Here are some of our samples:

This was our first lesson " Introduction to His World" 
They had to draw and color what they thought earth looks like from space and then write about our home EARTH!!!!

Hebrews 11:3
The worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible. 

Our second lesson " Peeling an Onion"
They drew pictures of the layers of the earth and then wrote about the atmosphere.  

 Our third lesson " Falling Through the Sky"
They drew the Upper Atmosphere and then they wrote about there amazing adventure they had.

Our fourth lesson " Puzzle Directions"
They drew God's Earth and there journey onto the different continents and tips to remember them. They wrote out there continents and something interesting they learned about one of them. 

Psalms 95:5.... and his hands formed the dry lands. 

Our fifth lesson: " The Swirling Soup in My Father's Hands"

Isaiah 40:12
"has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand".

They wrote about there day riding on the oceans waves all around his glorious globe. They wrote out all the oceans. Also they wrote why the ocean's are one ocean with five names. They wrote about the ocean currents and tides and drew there pictures on the oceans and there tides. 

2. Reaching Out to His World

This section tells you how you can impact our world around us by giving you information about different organization you can support or pray for. 

3. Further Explorations and Experiments

This section they give you books to check out at your local library or buy. 
Fun experiments with simple materials with easy to read instructions. There are a total of eleven lesson to complete in this book. I have enjoyed reading to our children and learning myself about OUR HOME EARTH and totally being in awe of God's goodness to us. 

Thank You to Knowledge Quest for letting us review this Christ centered curriculum perfectly designed to engage your student in OUR Earth that God created with his very own hands. 


Knowledge Quest has generously offered a copy to my viewers. 

Would you like to win a copy of the "A Child's Geography" Explore His Earth Volume I? 

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This book looks amazing! I hope I win:)

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This sounds very like a fun way of learning. I love how interactive it is for the kids. Keeps them interested easier and longer. I would love to win this!

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How cool! I love projects like this! Must be the teacher in me!

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This looks like it has some great ideas for kids' activities!

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This book sounds like something my kids would love. Especially my son!


Oh very cool! My 9 year old would LOVE that!! He is all into science and stuff like that. He spends HOURS hiding in his room pouring over his science books. lol. (don't worry, he's not anti social; he has a good balance. but he sure does love science).

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Very cool! I think my four year old would love it.

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This book sounds great!

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This book wouldn't be a good fit for our family; however, I know a lot of church people will be very interested in this, and I am sure it is an asset for the right families!

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I love geography This looks like a great book for children.

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this is such a wonderful tool to have for the kids to teach them great things. I like learning about these types of interactive tools for children,

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Great for homeschooling. :)

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This book looks great!! Thanks for sharing your experience with it and for the chance to win!!!

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