Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Pumpkin Gospel

As we DON'T celebrate Halloween but we try to bring some light into the darkness. 
Every year we read this book "The Pumpkin Gospel" By: Mary Manz Simon and do this activity with it. We first go to our local pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin and then we come home to do our activity. Please follow along. 

First, we wipe down our pumpkin to represent how God washes away ALL of our sins. 

Wash Me, until I am clean and whiter than snow
Psalm 51:7

Then we cut open our pumpkin to see all of the stringy slippery goo that is inside. 

This represents "Our Sin" before we knew God.

Now you are set free from sin.
Romans 6:18

We scoop out all of the seeds and goo.
This represents God cleans out all of my sins and cleans them out of me. Also how he forgives me:) 

Our God, you bless everyone whose sins you forgive and wipe away. 
Psalm 32:1

Our pumpkin is all clean inside.

Shout praises to the Lord
Psalm 149:1

Then God gives us a GREAT Big Grin. 

Our nice clean souls, after we have received Christ into our lives. 

We are smiling for JESUS!!!!

Finally we light our candle inside our pumpkin.

We are to shine for the whole world to see. 

You are like light for the whole world. 
Matthew 5:14

I then read them another book that is very much like the first but talks about the farmer and how he plants the seeds and the pumpkins grow and then we crave a big face and then we light the candle to shine for Jesus:)

This is book is called:
The Pumpkin Patch Parable
By: Liz Curtis Higgs

WE will be shining for Jesus, Will You?


Kim Croisant said...

I like your shiny pumpkin. ~God Bless you all and stay safe. Happy Halloween!!

Trisha said...

Sounds like a wonderful activity! Going to keep an eye out for the book. Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

That is a great book. I wish I had seen that when I was teaching at the church.

Edohpa said...

What an awesome way to incorporate scripture into Halloween, and make it a learning experience all at the same time. Great Story and glad you shared it with us.

Kelli Avery

Allyson Bossie said...

What a cute pumpkin face!

Jennifer Clay said...

I have never heard of that book. I am going to have to find it for my girls

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

That is just adorable! Happy Halloween!