Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Index Card Art

I found this website that is hosting Index Card Art for the months of June and July. Our children love it and I love it because it's easy to store. You can find the Daily Prompt and pictures each day of the Index Card Art at:

D Man's Index Card Art for week. 

Ducky Index Card Art for the week. 

The first day was July 4th so they did the American Flag.
ICAD # 34

The second day they did a picture with Art around it to look like a frame.
ICAD #35

The third day they did a Forest Theme.
ICAD # 36

The fourth day they did Inspiration Art with all different mediums of the color purple.
ICAD # 38 

The fifth day they did Christmas in July Art.
ICAD #39

The sixth day there art was find what's in the picture.
What is This? Do what do you see?
ICAD # 38

The seventh day they did patches in all different gel pens.
ICAD #39

The eighth day they had to write what was there favorite foods and why they liked it and what foods they disliked and why??? and then they did art around there food descriptions.
ICAD # 38

Stay tuned for the rest of July, there are only two weeks left. But we are having fun doing this. I wish I had seen this sooner. Oh well we will enjoy this moment. 


Aprile Mazey said...

That is such a great idea because you store them in a shoebox. I am going to do that with my daughter too!

Andria said...

It's a great project with kids! Are you doing any cards yourself?

amy2blessings said...

Aprile, your children will love it.
Andria, I'm only doing this with my children.

hippie_mom said...

I think it's great to encourage kids creative side!

Heather McDougle said...

That is a really neat idea and I love how they look. I'm going to pin this. said...

Great idea!

The Attic Girl Site said...

What a neat idea!

mywildcrazylife said...

I love encouraging my kids artistic side! This is a great idea, and what a great gift to yourself for years to come!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I love this!! I might just have to copy! Great idea!

Shayla Burks said...

pinned for us to use! this is great! thanks for sharing!

Renée said...

love this! and, like you said, so easy to store!

Natasha said...

I loved seeing the grouping of each card, and also how they were both inspired by the same prompt or idea. Stunning work! :)