Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ages 8+
Two to Four Players
Rules in Spanish

Knock Your Blocks Off brilliantly combines two seemingly disparate elements into one powerhouse game. In a sense, you’re getting two games in one: a fast-paced visual puzzle and a fine-motor dexterity challenge. At first one might not expect “brains and brawn” to work well together, but as our play testers told us – they give the game depth as well as the opportunity for players with different strengths to shine. Strategy tip: Think carefully about which structures will benefit you the most as the game progresses.

Stack ‘em up … Knock ‘em down! First, race to build a structure by matching up the patterns on your blocks. Then use the battle die to knock off your opponent's crown! Depending on your roll, you may get to attack with an avalanche of boulders, a wall-smashing ogre, or even a fire-breathing dragon! Rack up the most victory points and crown yourself king of the block.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Strategic Thinking

My Review:

Thank you to GameWright for letting us review Knock Your Blocks Off. 
Knock Your Socks Off is played over a series of rounds. The two 
parts are: The Building Phase and the Destruction Phase, anything to do with destruction our son is ready for. 
The goal of the building phase is to be the first player to finish matching up his blocks and to grab the demolition die and get his crown on top. This phase is then finished. The Destruction Phase is to attack the other player's structure. Victory tokens are taken after each attack. The first player to get 8 victory tokens is the Winner!!!
Not only is this game fun but your children will be learning pattern recognition, how to listen, follow instructions, helping the mind to stay active. To our family this is why playing games like this  is very  important. All games help build lasting moments for your family.  I definitely recommend GameWright Games. Please check out there other games at:

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Thank you again to Gamewright.

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