Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colorado Trip( Pikes Peak)- Nationals Future Stars- 1st Day- Part 2 of 2

D Man with the beautiful background of Pikes Peak.
They were on there way up the mountain.

As they went up the mountain it got colder and colder, D Man was throwing a snowball at his dad, Oh by the way this is first time ever to see, feel snow.

D Man climbing up the mountain.

D Man loved the snow scraper, we don't need that in Florida. 

Love this picture, the ice is so much bigger than him.

 Gift Shop along the way.

Statue of Big Foot with D Man.

This day it was 60 degrees and as they went up the mountain it was 20-30 degress. They couldn't go all the way up due to the weather but what  a great expereince for them.
Please come back for Day 2 Part 1:)

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