Saturday, November 5, 2011

Horses Part 1

Our current skill is:

Last week was our first week but I didn't my camera to take pictures. Last week they got to feed the horses, clean a there stall, groom the horse and ride a tractor.
This week we went back to my friend's house and they went over the parts of a horse with felt board and then the equipment you put on to ride them. They watched a horse video, read a a horse book and did a scavenger hunt for horse equipment.
Another great day of FUN!!!!

These are two of there horses,

Muzzle for the horse mouth, they can feed them in this to.

D Man holding a horse card.

English Saddle

Bit and Reigns

Pad for saddle

Western saddle

Here are some things Horses eat:
Granola Bars
Horse Treats

The children got to make goody bags for a local Horse Farm to donate.
Below are the bags to give away.
Thanks Natalie:)
Thank you to our Leader Suzy for all you do for our group:)

I couldn't leave Ducky out, she is the only girl there but she finds some fun on the playground.

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