Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Schoolroom 2011-2012

This is our schoolroom.
As you can see we have lots of resources.
This is our spare bedroom, our children like to be close to us so they like to sleep on the couch. I know sooner or later we will have to get a bigger place but for now it works great.

This is our craft section that gets used ALL the time.
Ducky loves to craft. A friend of mine once shared with me that in other to build creativity you need to leave things out for them to create. So that's what this section is all about. It's messy but worth it.

A different view of our room.

In this section we shore our markers,crayons and some other craft items.
Also the boxes are crafts that have been done.

The Big Black Cabinet has our games, glue,paint and misc items.


Lynda said...

What a great space. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following your adventures.

Sarah said...

Very nice space! I love the idea of having the craft stuff out. My kids are always digging in the closet and making a mess of it.

amy2blessings said...

Thank you Lynda.
Thank You Sarah, its a mess all the time but they love that space:)