Thursday, March 3, 2011

Orlando Science Center

Everytime we go to Orlando we go to a Theme Park, well this time we decided to go somewhere different and it was so worth it.  The Orlando Science Center  is located downtown, it looks like a ghost town but it is a 4 story Science Center which was packed with excitement foe the children.

Caotic Man

Corbelled Arch

A Dome

Build your own building and see if it can withstand and earthquake.

Make your own Twister

Making Music

This was neat, you answered questions and then went to a docking station and you can use your energy for to light a city,etc.

Smilated Rocket

Curious George Exhibat
The Rocket slide

Ducky opening the elevator.

They had a whole nature wroks section, where they feed the sting rays.

D Man holding a star fish

Ducky with a lizard

This was really cool and fun for the kids.
You pick Oranges( fake of course), put them into basket and petal and they come out the other end. We stayed in this section for awhile.

They had a section where you could play with boats in the water.

Craft Time.
Turtles made out of Coffee Lids.

Ducky went on stage for the KABOOM show.
This was D Man favorite show. They blew things up but explained the science behind it.

This was Ducky favorite
A Simalted Hurricane.
We went in this at least 20 times.

D Man and Ducky made paper rockets and then got to lauch them.

Curiuos George
D Man and Ducky

Bye Bye, See you soon.


wdworkman said...

Looks like a great place to spend the day. We have a Center with a lot of the same activities in St. Louis. You've reminded me that we haven't been there in a long time!
Janet W

Anonymous said...

That looks like a really fun place to go!