Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus Party!!!!

Thank you Ms. Kelly for having all of us for a wonderful party.
Her daughter decorated this sign for the party.

We did a Nativity Craft, we don't put Jesus in the front until Christmas.

D Man gluing his Nativity pieces on.
Oh, You might be asking what does the bow mean,  Well What God wants for Christmas is YOU!!! That's what the bow is for, we are his gift.

Beautiful Cake.

We had to two cakes, we had alot of children at this event.
D man and his friend from

Ducky with scarfs, Ms. Kelly played music and we played freeze tag.

Our finished Nativity Craft.
Jesus is in the back until Christmas.
They also got a muffin tin and every time they do a kind act they get to put a piece of raffia in it to build Jesus' bed.

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eof777 said...

Stopping by and following your blog from the Friday blog hop...
Have a happy holiday season!