Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dinosaurs-Lesson 6-Created on 5th and 6th days

Thank you Ms. Jackie for supplying us with these paper dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs " terrible lizards"

What do you believe?

The Bible says that sea creatures and birds were created on the 5/6 day of Creation. On the 6th day he created the beasts of the earth. We have to believe that would be the dinosaurs.

In Job 40:15 it says:
"Take a look at Behemoth, which I made, just as I made you. It eats grass like an ox."

Another Mystery is that if the dinosaurs where on the ark?
The Bible says that ALL living creatures were on the ark.

I read a book from Answers In Genesis to the kids, and it explained that at first dinosaurs were not meat eaters they only ate grass etc, which made them herbivores. It wasn't until after the fall of man that they started to kill for meat.

Dinosaurs co-existed with humans and they weren't so terrible but actually quite nice. Remember God created them and he meant for all things to be beautiful.

Dinosaurs will always be a Mystery but until next time ponder the thoughts of this Mystery of History.


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Jackie H. said...

That reminds me of sunday school back in the day. I remember the boys were all drawing dinos instead of doing what they were supposed to. Our teacher made us find all the places dinos were mentioned in the Bible. Of course we only found references to them but it was a good way to include children's interest. Someday I think we might get to know some of the answers but until then...

amy2blessings said...


I was never taught any of this so I'm learning right alongside of our children's.
I'm glad God left it a mystery cause it gives us something to look forward to.