Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ice Age-( 3500 BC) Lesson 5

"The Ice Age"

I never believed that there was an Ice Age. Well now I do. After reading some books
they believed that The Ice Age happened after the flood, which they believed was the cause of The Ice Age.
They believed that not all of the earth was covered but it extended more southward. The ice caps extended futher south then today.
They don't know for sure, as we have seen, this is a mystery.
So we will keep going on this journey.....

Ducky and D Man
We had a ice cube contest to see how cold it was during The Ice Age.
It was VERY cold.......

Ducky making a greenhouse, to represent the vapor ( extra moisture that was in the air)
Which they believed that it was a factor in the cause of The Ice Age. Also volcanic ash in the air along with new uplifted mountains with snow were other factors.

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