Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Peace-Bible Study for Children

We are learning about Peace this month.

Bottom Line: The best way to stop a fight is never to start one.

Memory Verse: Romans 14:19

Peace is proving that you care more about others than winning argument.

Day 1:
Read Romans 14:19
Live in peace not pieces.
Write the memory verse on a piece of paper and have child rip the paper in pieces and then put back together, this represents how not having peace in our lives tears us to pieces.

Day 2:
Proverbs 17:14
Take a water ballon and  with a pin out holes in it. Watch each small hole makes a bigger and bigger mess, we need to avoid fights with others and live in peace.

Day 3:
Read Philippians 2:3
Talk about how loving people is more important than winnng an argument.

Day 4:
Matthew 22:37-40
Loving people is one of your highest priorities.

Have a blessed week:)


kewkew said...

Love the object lessons. Do you come up with these yourself, or do you follow a book of some sort?

amy2blessings said...

Hi Karen,
We get a take home sheet from church and I post the scriptures and I review the wrap up and then I write something similar. I won't write word for word because that's copyright. But I know scriptures are ok and then I summarize the lesson for each day. Does that make sense?